Artistic Garden Faucet "Duck" Bronze Color

Artistic bronze "Duck" garden faucet 1/2 "x 3/4"

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16,43 € Without VAT

Hydrant Quick Coupling 90930 Claber


Complete with rod with bayonet fitting equipped with Quick-Click® male socket to connect flexible pipes in every corner of the garden. Valve for automatic opening and closing. 3/4 "male thread connection for connection to the bracket socket. Inlet thread diameter: ¾ "Quick release system: Quick-Click System

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Replacement rod for Idrantino 90929 Claber


From the Claber range, a solution for every requirement in underground irrigation. Useful replacement for the hydrant that serves to connect a flexible hose to the system, to meet any need for irrigation or cleaning. Inlet thread diameter: ¾ "Quick release system: Quick-Click System

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Irrigatore Pop-up regolabile 0°-350° 6 lt/min - 4” 90019 Claber


A professional quality retractable sprinkler for the buried irrigation system of the home garden. The nozzle has a special design that guarantees maximum irrigation uniformity, on an adjustable area up to 350 °, with minimum water consumption. Equipped with adjustment screw of the range with hexagonal insert, return spring in resistant and unalterable stainless steel, filter with high filtering power, self-lubricating clutch and anti-runoff rubber valve with anti-freeze device.

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Circular Sector F 3/4 "

Seed and circular drain plug Threaded fitting F 3/4 "Standard nozzle Ø 5 mm Press.MIN / MAX: 1,5 / 3,5 atm MIN / MAX range: 12,5 / 15 m MIN / MAX flow rate: 0,31 / 0.48 lt / sec

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RA-4 self-leveling dripper

Used in complex plants where quality and precision of irrigation is required such as vineyards or orchards Equipped with a membrane placed inside that guarantees a constant and uniform flow rate is particularly suitable for sloping terrain and very long dripping lines 4 mm clamping attachment Use microtubule STV 355

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Idrantino 3/4 "Male

3/4 "thread male connector.

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2pc. Sprinkler Plants AquaGo for Bottles

Mondo Verde

Format: includes 2 pieces irrigator fall adaptable to most plastic bottles (water and soft drinks) with from 0.5 to 2 liters capacity. Ideal for all plants inside and outside, immediately applicable and easy to use, suitable for short periods of absence. Each sprinkler is capable of providing about 10 cl of water every 24 hours, allowing it to keep moist the soil and in the plant health. A sprinkler is sufficient for a vessel 15-25 cm in diameter; for larger vessels greater use more sprinklers.

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Bracket Tobogganing metal 3/4 "R303267 Sabart


Bracket in galvanized metal toboggan attack jet with 3/4 "female and fittings supplied Ø 17 mm. Sprinkler recommended R303258

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Sprinkler Metal Sector Sabart


Available in 2 models. Irrigator small metal sector.

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