Metal Hinged Lawn Garden Sprinkler on Tripod PRA / AB.1416 Ribimex


Metal Hinged Lawn Garden Sprinkler on Tripod PRA / AB.1416 Ribimex

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9,90 € Without VAT

Garden Lawn Sprinkler Rotating Sprinkler On Tip 450m² Plus 2550 HOZELOCK


Round area sprinkler Plus 2550 HOZELOCK Uniform coverage: specially designed to guarantee 100% water coverage, regardless of water pressure (1-10 bar). The sprinkler can water a full circle or part of a circle - adjustment is simple by simply sliding the red adjustment rings. 1 solid jet jet that can be handled in a large fan jet and offers a maximum coverage of the area of approximately 450 m². It is mounted on a solid metal tip which gives stability when pushed into a lawn or edge and are equipped with an ultra reliable water engine that works at all pressures.

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11,19 € Without VAT

Garden Lawn Sprinkler Rectangular Sprayer 180m² 2972 HOZELOCK


Cod. 2972 The rectangular garden sprinkler has a stable base and is suitable for covering an area of up to 180 m2, therefore it will be ideal for small and medium sized gardens. Equipped with a red switch to adjust the coverage of the area and the jet width

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14,10 € Without VAT

Sprinkler Sprinkler Rotating On Tip 314m² 2335 HOZELOCK


Cod. 2335 Garden sprinkler on peg specially designed to give uniform coverage of the water at 100% regardless of the water pressure. Equipped with 2 spray modes: one for lawns and the other for seedlings, mist spray to water seeds and sieves

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18,77 € Without VAT

Artistic Garden Faucet "Duck" Bronze Color

Artistic bronze "Duck" garden faucet 1/2 "x 3/4"

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Hydrant Quick Coupling 90930 Claber


Complete with rod with bayonet fitting equipped with Quick-Click® male socket to connect flexible pipes in every corner of the garden. Valve for automatic opening and closing. 3/4 "male thread connection for connection to the bracket socket. Inlet thread diameter: ¾ "Quick release system: Quick-Click System

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12,04 € Without VAT

Replacement rod for Idrantino 90929 Claber


From the Claber range, a solution for every requirement in underground irrigation. Useful replacement for the hydrant that serves to connect a flexible hose to the system, to meet any need for irrigation or cleaning. Inlet thread diameter: ¾ "Quick release system: Quick-Click System

6,00 € VAT included
4,92 € Without VAT

Irrigatore Pop-up regolabile 0°-350° 6 lt/min - 4” 90019 Claber


A professional quality retractable sprinkler for the buried irrigation system of the home garden. The nozzle has a special design that guarantees maximum irrigation uniformity, on an adjustable area up to 350 °, with minimum water consumption. Equipped with adjustment screw of the range with hexagonal insert, return spring in resistant and unalterable stainless steel, filter with high filtering power, self-lubricating clutch and anti-runoff rubber valve with anti-freeze device.

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3,65 € Without VAT

Circular Sector F 3/4 "

Seed and circular drain plug Threaded fitting F 3/4 "Standard nozzle Ø 5 mm Press.MIN / MAX: 1,5 / 3,5 atm MIN / MAX range: 12,5 / 15 m MIN / MAX flow rate: 0,31 / 0.48 lt / sec

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32,32 € Without VAT

RA-4 self-leveling dripper

Used in complex plants where quality and precision of irrigation is required such as vineyards or orchards Equipped with a membrane placed inside that guarantees a constant and uniform flow rate is particularly suitable for sloping terrain and very long dripping lines 4 mm clamping attachment Use microtubule STV 355

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