Rasaerba LR 53 TK Comfort Plus Efco


Steel body Displacement: 159 cm³ Brand / model engine Emak K 650 OHV Cutting adjustment: centralized Cutting height: from 28 to 75 mm Basket capacity: 70 L Traction advancement (3.6 Km / h) Mulching / Side discharge: optional / not available Weight 33.2 Kg The ideal solution for large surfaces up to 2000 square meters, cramped or slightly sloping terrain thanks to the single-speed mechanical traction

378,69 € VAT included
310,40 € Without VAT

Battery mower Combi 50 S AE Stiga


Light mower with traction feeder equipped with a powerful 80V and 5Ah battery motor, with battery charge indicator positioned on the steel body. Comfortable and easy to use thanks to the ergonomic and adjustable handle, to the filling indicator and to the centralized cutting height adjustment (25 - 65 mm) by means of a lever. It is ideal for grass collection but can also be used for mulching and rear discharge functions. With a cutting width of 48 cm it is suitable for gardens up to 600 square meters.

658,36 € VAT included
539,64 € Without VAT

Lawnmower Battery SLM 4048 AE Stiga


Cordless lawn mower with a 38 cm cutting deck, made of polypropylene, and is equipped with advanced features such as the handle with soft grip for greater comfort, the cutting height adjustment in 6 different positions and the collection bag 40 L grass with a window to check the filling level of the bag. Suitable for small gardens up to 500 square meters.

401,81 € VAT included
329,35 € Without VAT

Electric grass trimmer COLLECTOR 35 E Stiga


Ideal for cutting grass in gardens up to 300 m2 and with the additional function of rear discharge, STIGA Collector 35 is a push mower made of polypropylene, with a 33 cm body coated with powder coating. Equipped with 1000 W electric motor, 30 L collection bag, adjustable and foldable ergonomic handle and wheels with ball bearings.

93,54 € VAT included
76,67 € Without VAT

Lawn mower SCM 240 R Stiga manual


Helical mower equipped with 5 sharp and angled blades for precise and clean grass cutting as if the scissors were used. Cutting width of 40 cm, thanks to the double adjustment lever, it is possible to choose easily and quickly between 3 different cutting positions. The rear roller makes the surface of the lawn perfect and homogeneous.

91,16 € VAT included
74,72 € Without VAT

Petrol mower COLLECTOR 43 Stiga


Push lawnmower with 100cc Stiga motor. Collector 43 is a versatile machine because you can choose the cutting system suitable for your garden between collection and rear discharge. The steel body ensures a long life. Ergonomic handle with steel levers for maximum comfort. The 41 cm blade and the large 60 liter plastic bag make this mower suitable for gardens up to 900 m2.

212,23 € VAT included
173,96 € Without VAT

Gasoline mower COMBI 55 SQ Stiga


Stiga Combi 55 SQ combines a quick-fit hybrid collection bag with filling indicator and 70 L capacity, and a 160 cc Stiga motor. The cutting efficiency is optimal thanks to the easy collection and the mulching system, or to the rear discharge or side discharge if the grass is too high. The ergonomic adjustable and foldable handle and the centralized cutting height adjustment make Stiga Combi 55 SQ an easy to use and versatile mower. Comfort is combined with the durability of the machine, thanks to a sturdy steel body further optimized by a powder coating. With its 53 cm cutting width it is suitable for large gardens.

397,39 € VAT included
325,73 € Without VAT

Gasoline mower COMBI 48 S Stiga


Combi 48 S is a 140 cc Stiga lawn mower. The steel body ensures a long life and the comfort of use is guaranteed by the ergonomic handlebar and soft grip and by the centralized adjustment of the cutting height. You can choose whether to collect the cut grass thanks to the large 60 liter bag, use the rear discharge cutting system or the Multiclip system. The large rear wheels allow a perfect balance of the machine and the 46 cm blade makes this mower suitable for medium-sized gardens up to 1600 m2.

334,72 € VAT included
274,36 € Without VAT

Electric mower COMBI 48 E Stiga


Lawnmower with 1600 W electric motor. Combi 48 E is a versatile machine because you can choose the cutting system suitable for your garden between harvesting, mulching and rear discharge. The steel body ensures a long life. The 46 cm blade and the large 60 liter cloth bag make this mower suitable for small gardens, for those looking for a light and practical machine to use.

236,45 € VAT included
193,81 € Without VAT

TWINCLIP 50 S Stiga Petrol Mower


With the Stiga Twinclip 50 S lawn mower it cuts twice as much grass at the same time. It features a hybrid steel and aluminum body and advanced features. Use a machine with excellent performance with double-edged blades that allow you to double the shaving efficiency and get a perfect cut. The Twinclip 50 S combines a quick-fit grass collection bag with a capacity of 70 L and a powerful 160 cc Stiga motor. It is designed to cut the grass in total comfort, thanks to the ergonomic "One Motion" adjustment system, the folding handle and the centralized cutting height adjustment. With its 48 cm cutting width, Stiga Twinclip 50 S is suitable for large gardens.

539,40 € VAT included
442,13 € Without VAT