Dowel Only Body Nylon ø 14 mm - 100 mm 90083 Maurer


Nylon body for scaffolding eyebolts Diameter mm.14 - length mm.100

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Fastener Universal Expander with Open Eye SB 12/1 M5 Fisher


The complete expansion of the two-sector fastening provides an optimal distribution of force in the material and a high seal even for non-compact materials. The neck of the fastener is not stressed and prevents the emergence of expansion forces on the surface of the material while screwing the accessory. This helps prevent damage to tiles and plaster. The expansion is always guaranteed by the metallic cone that is recalled in the body of the dowel.

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Flat Metal Locker for Fisher Pipe Fixing


Available in various sizes The BSM open tube for tubes is ideal for post-installation of pipe fixing. It allows a direct fixing with percussion nails and is therefore fast and easy to install. Two ducts or piping can only be fixed with a fixing point with the double sealing for BSMZ ducts.

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Tassello Nylon SX-BM 10x50mm Fischer 570027


Type: SX-BM 10x50 mm Nylon plug with wood screw flanged hex head. When screwing in the screw, the SX expands in four directions, securely into the support substrate. The required screw length is given by: accessories anchor length + width + 1 x screw diameter. The expansion to 4 sectors ensures an optimum distribution of forces in the material, with high sealing values ​​in solid materials and cables. On semisolid supports drilling Only for rotary (no rotary percussion).

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Anchor E / PN for Scaffolding Elematic


Available in 2 sizes. Anchoring system for scaffolding resting on the ground to use with additional connecting elements. Applicable on concrete, natural stone, solid bricks. Material: polyamide block (nylon) / eyelets in Chromated steel

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Fixing kit and fixing screws for water heater 508695 Fischer


Kit wall plugs and screws to fix water heaters up to 50 liters on solid or perforated walls. Hole 14.85mm Screw 10x80mm Maximum load for each fixing 35 kg on bricks, 55 on concrete.

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SCP Fischer Galvanized Rainwater Collar


Galvanized round and dark brown collar for SCP / SCP-V downpipes.

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SBS 9/12 White Dowel with Fischer Pad


TASSELLO SBS PARACOLPI 9/12 45 white Body and washer zinc-plated steel Rubber bumpers diameter 22 mm Diameter tip: 9 mm Minimum hole depth: 55 mm Anchor length: 45 mm

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Mesh anchor FIS-HK M16X130 41905 FISCHER


FISCHER FIS-HK M16X130 net anchor for drilled masonry applications (use with resin)

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T51 Elematic Brass Tassel


Available in 3 sizes. Brass female dowel with torque control expansion. Applications: Suspension Systems, Studs, Threaded Bars. Brass OT58 brushed anchor body.

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