Protective for radiators Paraflu 11 Concentrate Lt.1


Size: 1 Liter concentrated protective fluid for radiators, for professional use, based on ethylene glycol. PARAFLU 11 is a protective fluid for cooling systems of cars, commercial and industrial vehicles, tractors and earth moving machines. Protection against freezing (down to external temperatures of up to -40 ° C).

5,67 € VAT included
4,65 € Without VAT

ENI Antifreeze Extra Pure Antifreeze 20Lt

Agip - Eni

Size: 20 lt. Antifreeze Extra Tan is a biodegradable antifreeze liquid (Nitrite-Ammine-Phosphates) to be diluted in demineralised water, suitable for the protection of the cooling circuits of most commercial cars and heavy vehicles. It ensures active protection of both metal components (cast iron, aluminum, copper, solder alloys, etc) and gaskets in the cooling circuit. For more details, see the technical sheet.

50,33 € VAT included
41,25 € Without VAT

Protective Radiators Red -20 ° C 4.5 liters Antifreeze Arexons 8014


Size: 4.5 liter Protective Radiators Red is a liquid ready to use red, for cooling systems, highly protective antifreeze and anti-boiling. Designed to meet, in summer and winter, the needs of modern engines of the latest generation.

11,70 € VAT included
9,59 € Without VAT

Protective Radiators -20 ° C Frost Arexons


Available in 2 sizes. Protective radiators ready to use, ensures a antifreeze, anti-boiling, anti-corrosion, anti-foaming, and anti-cavitation. Suitable for top-up, in addition to any existing liquid. Protection from -20 ° C to + 121 ° C in the operating conditions.

2,65 € VAT included
2,17 € Without VAT