Automatic Dispenser for Sprays Deodorant Spray and Ebano Insecticide

Dispenser with programmable timer for the automatic delivery of Good Air Dry spray deodorizer for rooms, Zig Zag Spacecraft Insecticide and Zig Zag Pesticide Repellent Insecticide.

16,40 € VAT included
13,44 € Without VAT

Insecticide Natural Pyrethrum Repellent Refill for Zig Zag Automatic Dispenser


Format: 250 ml Pyrethrum repellent insecticide for flying insects. Natural Spread Program for automatic dispenser. Inserted in the special Automatic Dispenser, the special metering valve allows a controlled delivery of 50 mg. of product with a constant frequency, thus allowing to obtain and maintain a room up to 150 cubic meters, also ventilated, free from insects without risks for the safety of people.

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6,21 € Without VAT

Insecticide Spray Anti Pumps 750 ml. Al.Fe


Format: 750 ml. Multi-purpose insecticide based on cypermethrin. It acts against fixed and mobile cochineals in the summer against the general pest of plants (aphids, thrips, borers, dorifera, moths, etc.). Liquid formulation ready to use ..

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6,64 € Without VAT

Insecticide Spray Flies and Mosquitoes ml.500 Green World

Mondo Verde

Size: 500 ml Aerosol spray insecticide designed to quickly eliminate flies, common mosquitoes, mosquito tiger and other flying insects. Its particular formulation guarantees a quick effect and releases a pleasant scent in the environment. STAINLESS STEEL CUTTLE BREAK UP TO 4 METERS

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3,18 € Without VAT

Insecticide Spray Vespers and Nests 750ml Green World

Mondo Verde

Size: 750 ml Ready-to-use insecticide specifically designed to safely and permanently erase wasps and wasps. Thanks to the special long-range dispensing valve that reaches more than 4 meters, it also eliminates the farthest nests beneath the roofs, beneath the sills, along the shelter, gutters, cracks in the walls, and so on. With its special formula with abrasive power and residual effect, it allows to keep free from new infestations the environments and areas treated. WITH 4 METER BATH - NOT LASCIA RESIDUI NON ALONI.

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4,62 € Without VAT

Acaricida PPO Spray ml.750 Al.Fe


Size: 750 ml It is an insecticide solution that is ready for use in a wide spectrum of action. It is effective against the damaging insects of floral ornamental plants, balcony, garden. It acts on contact insects, against which it shows a ready and persistent effect. In particular, it controls the following parasites: aphids, tripids, ladybirds, tinnites, nests, torturers, mink larvae, infantry, white flies, tentredini, beetles and spiders. The special package equipped with adjustable jet spray nebulizer allows easy and rapid product distribution.

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6,12 € Without VAT

Spray Insect Repellent Body ZigZag Insect ml.100

Spray repellent body spray for insects. Bottle 100 ml Equipped with a 360 ° valve, it also allows to dispense upside down canine Repellent for mosquito, tiger mosquito, pappetaci, tafani and wasps Extremely effective even under limited conditions for at least 6 hours GIUPRO17

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4,68 € Without VAT

Liquid Foaming By Land Lt.5 61533


From diluted in water in from 1.5 to 6% oscillating percentages. Duration of the foam bubble on the ground from 15 to 80 min. It guarantees a long stay on the ground and greater visibility in conditions of semi-darkness. Recommended for winter and spring pre-emergence treatments. Size: 5.0 Liter Size: 80-100 hectares

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20,80 € Without VAT

Insecticide Spray Bedbugs Ants and Cockroaches 500ml

Mondo Verde

Format: 500 ml Composition: cis / trans permethrin technique 25/75 0,2% - Tetramethrin 0,2% - Piperonylbutoxide 0,6% Aerosol spray insecticide designed to quickly eliminate cicmici, ants, cockroaches, fleas, and other crawling insects. Its particular knockdown action is instantaneous and has excellent residual persistence. The product releases a pleasant fragrance into the environment.

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2,82 € Without VAT

Insecticide Concentrate for Turf ml.250

Mondo Verde

Size: 250 ml Dilution: 5-10 ml / liter Insecticide in aqueous concentrated microemulsion without solvents with a high killing power and residual. Permitted use of green areas, hedges, gardens etc. And 'effective on the most common flying and crawling insects such as mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, flies, wasps, fleas, ticks, ants. E 'therefore particularly suitable for the disinfestation of green areas, civil and industrial housing. Concentrate, water-based, solvent-free, with reduced environmental impact. Permitted use of green areas, hedges, lawns, gardens etc. Specific on the most popular flying and crawling insects and, in particular, of mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes.

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6,29 € Without VAT