Ekokiller Pesticide Insecticide Spray Prochimica


Available in 2 sizes. Ekokiller is odorless, does not stain and can be applied anywhere. It should be sprayed as such on walls, floors and surfaces to be treated with special emphasis in the corners, cracks, crevices, cracks, pipes, infestation points and usual path of insects, at a distance of 30-40 cm. It is designed to combat flying and crawling insects (tiger mosquito, common mosquito, flies, wasps, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, silverfish, termites and moths) and mites such as ticks. It acts both by contact and by ingestion.

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It can be used for disinfection in the following sectors:
  • both domestic interiors and civilian hospitals, schools, food industries, hotels, restaurants, stores;
  • areas of livestock activities, the prior removal of animals and adopting the necessary measures to prevent contamination of feed;
  • means of transport: railway carriages, tram, bus, air and sea transport;
  • outdoor use for professional use in civil field: can be employed using the Package trigger or pressure pumps, turbo atomizers and thermo Fog Cannons.
It is also planned to be used, if necessary, only for mosquitoes, treatment in the green areas, tree-lined streets, bushes and hedges, turf.

100 g of product contains: permethrin (25:75) 0.27 g; formulants and water qs to 100 g.

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