Shelf 4 Wooden shelves MAURER Art.99721 160X70X30


Shelf 4 MAURER shelf in pine wood Dimensions: 160x70x30 cm Shelf in each shelf 20 kg Shelf thickness 4x1,8cm - Thickness of legs: 6,5x1,5cm

25,62 € VAT included
21,00 € Without VAT

Nylon Fibbet Hook for Fixed Panels

NYLON HOLDING REINFORCEMENT RIGHT X PANELS Reinforced nylon hook, straight, for hollow panel

0,21 € VAT included
0,17 € Without VAT

Wardrobe Dressing sheet cm.50x40x180

Locker with partition clean / dirty painted plate on foot. bearing structure made of sheet steel. Dimensions: 40x50x180 cm Top shelf with rod door hangers (excluding hooks) umbrella holder and drip tray on the door. Ante reinforced and equipped with aeration slits in the upper and lower part.

105,24 € VAT included
86,26 € Without VAT

Wardrobe Dressing sheet cm.50x40x176 Art.054413

Closet clean locker room / dirty gray painted sheet metal. Dimensions: 50x40x176 cm

100,94 € VAT included
82,74 € Without VAT

Angular floor Iron mm.35x35

Available in 2 sizes. Upright angle to equal sides mm.35x35 18/10 iron.

4,65 € VAT included
3,81 € Without VAT

Simple shelf for panels Drilled 10 cm Art.401-05

Shelf simple wire 5 mm galvanized steel pegboard - with blunt tip. Length: 10 cm

0,48 € VAT included
0,39 € Without VAT

Simple shelf for panels Drilled 10 cm Art.401

Shelf simple mm.3,8 galvanized steel wire pegboard. Length: 10 cm

0,26 € VAT included
0,21 € Without VAT

Stackable crate in Red Plastic ICS


Cash superimposed in red plastic. Capacity: 65 Liters Cod. M100000

11,11 € VAT included
9,11 € Without VAT

Grey Iron shelf for racks

Available in 7 sizes.

Shelf iron sheet for shelving, painted gray.

7,49 € VAT included
6,14 € Without VAT

Shelf kit Arches 5 Galvanized shelves 100x40 cm

Size: 100x40 cm shelf kit with galvanized arches 5 Shelves

27,15 € VAT included
22,25 € Without VAT