Chain Lube Spray Lubricant 500 ml 33236 CRC

Size: 500 ml CHAIN LUBE is a lubricant for chains with food authorization NSF H1 Special oil with PTFE ensures permanent lubrication of chains, wire ropes and open drives in food technology It is ideal for long-term lubrication term of chains, gears, links or sliding guides. It has penetrating features, is water resistant and does not drip, the lubricant is odorless and temperature resistant up to 175 ° C

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12,75 € Without VAT

WD-40 500ml Unblocking Spray Lubricant


Format: 500 ml WD-40 is the most widely used multi-purpose lubricant in the world thanks to its 5 exceptional functions: water repellent, anticorrosive, lubricant, detergent, release agent. Quickly eliminates short circuits from moisture and provides protection against water, frost and its corrosive effects. The mechanisms are perfectly lubricated cleanly by releasing the seized parts and the rusty mechanisms. It easily eliminates grease, tar, glue and so on. from any non-porous surface Today even more functional thanks to the new double action spray with the built-in straw that allows a wide-ranging or precision vaporization on difficult to access parts.

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Lever Labels and Decals Spray ml.200 99425 Maurer


Format: 200 ml Ideal for removing adhesives and glue residues from glass, cermic, wood, metal and various types of plastic materials. Treatment temperature 5 - 30 °

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Grafite Powder Lubricant gr.15

Size: 15 gr. Anti-corrosive lubricant based on graphite powder. Ideal for lubricating cylinders and locks and gears in plastic and metal.

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Spray Anti-adhesive welding ml.400 80610/04 Eco Service

Eco Service

Size: 400 ml Antispatter Welding prevents slag and spatter sticking to surfaces. Sprayed on the nozzles of welding (manual and automatic) keeps them always clean and functioning. Treated parts can be painted and galvanized. It does not contain silicone.

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Leva Etichette Spray Help ml.200 Arexons 4235


Size: 200 ml Facilitates the gap in a short time of paper labels and residues of glue labels in different materials (plastic, aluminum, etc.). Does not drip even if sprayed on vericali surfaces. It allows the elimination of traces of inks and paints. CONTAINS NO CHLORINATED SOLVENTS. Suitable for the removal of paper labels and to remove residues of glue in another material labels.

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Lubricant Svitol Reactivating Contacts ml.200 Arexons 2307


Size: 200 ml Restore the electrical contacts, it protects against moisture, lubricates the mechanical parts. Restore the operation of locked mechanisms, dissolving fat oxides, sludge and tar. Removes humidity and the electric leakage reactivating the electrical conductivity. Does not isolate the contacts.

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Vaseline Oil Spray F73 400ml Faren


Size: 400 ml Lubricates without staining and does not mix dust. Increases smoothness by canceling frictions. Repels moisture from any surface. It has multiple application areas such as lubricant, protective or slippery.

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Silicon Spray F72 400ml Faren Oil


Size: 400 ml Lubricates both at low and high temperatures. Excellent anti-slip and anti-crushing effect. Protects and nourishes the tires; offers water-repellent protection on even rubberized fabrics; antioxidant for metals and steels. Odorless and Colorless.

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Silicone Spray 400ml Eco Service

Eco Service

Format: 400 ml Spray Silicone is a universal silicone product in a spray bottle, the wide range of applications. It can in fact be used as a lubricant, such as protective, release, insulation for electrical installations, polishing and anti-freeze. The active ingredient contained in it, in addition to these outstanding properties, it also has a water repellent effect. And 'odorless, invisible, non-greasy and contains no solvents.

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