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6 Maxi Gessi Colored Lebez


Pack 6 maxi colored chalk for blackboard.

1,67 € VAT included
1,37 € Without VAT

Red Pencil Marking for Joiners 086,237 Maurer


Pencil red rectangular carpenter. Length: 25 cm

0,34 € VAT included
0,28 € Without VAT

100 Chalks Bianchi Lebez


Pack of 100 plaster casts ideal to write on the blackboards. Round, dust, made of calcium carbonate, dermatologically tested. Diameter: 9 mm. Dust. White color.

2,70 € VAT included
2,21 € Without VAT

Indelible marker to Paint Gold Paint Marker Faren Art.861


Color: Oro Universal Marker indelible paint; It can be used on any surface. Tip: Media. Contents: 7 gr.

1,27 € VAT included
1,04 € Without VAT

Aims to Trace Tungsten Carbide Bel-Sic 570

Scriber with tungsten carbide tips provided in hard metal. Grip, in a triangular section cellulose acetate.

7,44 € VAT included
6,10 € Without VAT

SNOWMAN a Polish marker PAINT MARKER fine point


Available in 15 colors. Available in 2 colors. Marker marker pointed end, professional quality made in Japan. especially bright and top coat even on dark surfaces. The color dries instantly, is permanent, unalterable, waterproof and removable solvent. It equipped with metal body with 2 inner balls for enamel mixing and folding clasp.

1,63 € VAT included
1,34 € Without VAT

Sprayer for Construction Site 500ml Ampere System

Ampere System

Available in 6 fluorescent colors Size: 500 ml The low cost, simple, effective construction site plotter. Fluorescent spray paint for tracing on masonry, floors, asphalt, cement, wood, etc. High visibility colors, resistant to wear and atmospheric agents. Without CFC, without Lead, without Cadmium. The can is used "upside down" as it is equipped with a special 360 ° valve.

3,65 € VAT included
2,99 € Without VAT

Marking pencil for Bricklayers 300mm Stanley STHT0-72998


Pencil plotting to undermine hard, perfect for carpenters, masons, etc. Length: 300 mm Body color: green Hardness: mina tough STHT0-72998

1,05 € VAT included
0,86 € Without VAT

Marking pencil for Joiners 300mm Stanley STHT0-72997


Pencil to tender undermines tracking, perfect for carpenters. Length: 300mm Body color: red hardness: tender undermines STHT0-72997

1,06 € VAT included
0,87 € Without VAT

A Polish marker SNOWMAN PAINT MARKER - Punta Standard


Color: Gold, Grey, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Blue, Black, Brown

Marker marker professional quality made in Japan. Especially bright enamel and opaque even on dark surfaces. The color dries instantly, is permanent, unalterable, waterproof and removable solvent. It is offering the metal body 2 with inner balls for mixing enamel and safety closure.

1,68 € VAT included
1,38 € Without VAT