6 Maxi Gessi Colored Lebez


Pack 6 maxi colored chalk for blackboard.

2,38 € VAT included
1,95 € Without VAT

Good-Line Striping mt.30 c / dust 055 091 Maurer


Striping "MAURER" GOOD-LINE powder cartridge kit - 30 mt. Specific to trace the foundations - screw connection for dust.

22,46 € VAT included
18,41 € Without VAT

Red Pencil Marking for Joiners 086,237 Maurer


Pencil red rectangular carpenter. Length: 25 cm

0,34 € VAT included
0,28 € Without VAT

100 Chalks Bianchi Lebez


Pack of 100 plaster casts ideal to write on the blackboards. Round, dust, made of calcium carbonate, dermatologically tested. Diameter: 9 mm. Dust. White color.

2,70 € VAT included
2,21 € Without VAT

Plotter Spray 500ml Shipyard Ampere System

Ampere System

Available in 5 fluorescent colors Size: 500 ml The tracker construction low cost, simple, effective. Fluorescent spray paint for marking masonry, floors, asphalt, concrete, wood, etc. High-visibility colors, wear-resistant and weatherproof. CFC-free, with no Lead, Cadmium. The canister is usable in "upside down" in that it is equipped with a special 360 ° valve.

3,65 € VAT included
2,99 € Without VAT

Plotter Powerwinder 30 meters + Powder Blue and Spirit Level Stanley 0-47-465


Kit consists of Stanley plotter Powerwinder + powder blue +-leveling. Plotter made with durable materials, can be used as a plumb line, with transparent tank peri see the amount of dust contained. Mechanism to rewind the cord: 1: 3.5, with metal handle with lock.
Capacity 'tank: 45 g powder
Cod. 0-47-465

11,09 € VAT included
9,09 € Without VAT

Red tracer for dust 225gr. Stanley 1-47-804


Blue powder in 225 gr package. suitable for any plotter lanyard.
Cod. 1-47-804

4,81 € VAT included
3,94 € Without VAT

Powder blue for plotter 115gr. Stanley 1-47-403


Powder blue pack of 115 gr. suitable for any tracker lanyard.
Cod. 1-47-403

2,92 € VAT included
2,39 € Without VAT

Marking pencil for Bricklayers 300mm Stanley STHT0-72998


Pencil plotting to undermine hard, perfect for carpenters, masons, etc. Length: 300 mm Body color: green Hardness: mina tough STHT0-72998

1,05 € VAT included
0,86 € Without VAT

Marking pencil for Joiners 300mm Stanley STHT0-72997


Pencil to tender undermines tracking, perfect for carpenters. Length: 300mm Body color: red hardness: tender undermines STHT0-72997

1,06 € VAT included
0,87 € Without VAT