Nails in hardened steel 40gr Gruppino TG

Available in various sizes. Format: 40 gr Nails in hardened steel, Gruppino TG

1,06 € VAT included
0,87 € Without VAT

Small group iron nails TG

Available in various sizes. Format: 40 gr Polished iron nails, Gruppino TG

1,06 € VAT included
0,87 € Without VAT

Conf. 4000 Chiodi "Group" for Chimney Omer

Available in several measures. Scratola gives 4000 Chiodi type Drom for Omer chiller

14,04 € VAT included
11,51 € Without VAT

2x Adjustable Adhesive Nail TESA Kg.2

Ideal for hanging decorative objects such as paintings on delicate surfaces such as wallpaper or plaster For objects up to 2 Kg per nail or 4 Kg using 2 nails Removable without any trace

6,98 € VAT included
5,72 € Without VAT

12 Steel Nails with Head Brass

Available in 4 sizes. Pack of 12 steel nails with brass head.

0,73 € VAT included
0,60 € Without VAT

Conf. 7000 Nails "Grop" Nailing for Omer

Available in 3 sizes. Box 7000 Grop type nails for nailing Omer

10,76 € VAT included
8,82 € Without VAT

Flat Head Steel Nails Kg.1

Available in 11 sizes. Size: 1 Kg Flat steel nail, also called carpenter nail. It is certainly the most common nail with pointed tip and flat head made of iron for hardware on wood. Price per kilo.

3,07 € VAT included
2,52 € Without VAT

Nail Tek Galvanized Flange

Available in 4 sizes. Nail threading galvanized steel, complete with plastic washer.

0,07 € VAT included
0,06 € Without VAT

Nail Percussion Steel 18mm 8412122 Elematic


Nail in steel, length 18 mm, for fixing strips to the floor. Cod. 8412122

0,06 € VAT included
0,05 € Without VAT