2x Adjustable Adhesive Nail TESA Kg.2

Ideal for hanging decorative objects such as paintings on delicate surfaces such as wallpaper or plaster For objects up to 2 Kg per nail or 4 Kg using 2 nails Removable without any trace

€ 6,98 VAT included
€ 5,72 Without VAT

12 Steel Nails with Head Brass

Available in 4 sizes. Pack of 12 steel nails with brass head.

€ 0,73 VAT included
€ 0,60 Without VAT

Conf. 7000 Nails "Grop" Nailing for Omer

Available in 3 sizes. Box 7000 Grop type nails for nailing Omer

€ 9,75 VAT included
€ 7,99 Without VAT

Flat Head Steel Nails Kg.1

Available in 11 sizes. Size: 1 Kg Flat steel nail, also called carpenter nail. It is certainly the most common nail with pointed tip and flat head made of iron for hardware on wood. Price per kilo.

€ 1,40 VAT included
€ 1,15 Without VAT

Nail Tek Galvanized Flange

Available in 4 sizes. Nail threading galvanized steel, complete with plastic washer.

€ 0,07 VAT included
€ 0,06 Without VAT

Nail Percussion Steel 18mm 8412122 Elematic


Nail in steel, length 18 mm, for fixing strips to the floor. Cod. 8412122

€ 0,06 VAT included
€ 0,05 Without VAT