Assortment Set 3 Cutting Tools Side Cutter + Adjustable Pliers and Wrench 9853 Bahco


Bahco ERGO caliper kit consisting of an adjustable wrench, a side cutting pliers and a cobra hydraulic clamp. The ERGO range is equipped with thermally insulating plastic handles for a comfortable grip even in the event of prolonged use. Material: Steel alloy

41,85 € VAT included
34,30 € Without VAT

Double Hand Bending Iron in Steel Head 10 mm - 12 mm

Hand-bending press in tempered pressed steel with 2 heads 10 mm - 12 mm

10,53 € VAT included
8,63 € Without VAT

Brass sieve for funnels in metal and polyethylene

Brass sieve for metal funnels and low-density polyethylene 0.5 mm mesh. Diameter 58 mm

1,39 € VAT included
1,14 € Without VAT

Separator for Puller Mod. 4551-C Bahco


Separator in special steel with galvanized finish. Replacement tie rod: 4551-C / S: for 4551-C

81,19 € VAT included
66,55 € Without VAT

Lead for Mason in Iron Maurer


Available in 2 sizes. Cylindrical lead in MAURER masonry iron

1,24 € VAT included
1,02 € Without VAT

Punch Letters and Figures Series 36 pieces 1980328 Valex


LETTERS AND DIMENSIONS SERIES 36 PIECES Tempered steel Character height 4mm Length 60mm

6,97 € VAT included
5,71 € Without VAT

Ventosa Tripla kg.100 mm.115 1650153 Valex


Suitable for moving glass plates. Rubber suction cup. With locks. Capacity kg 100 Ø ventosa mm 115

12,00 € VAT included
9,84 € Without VAT

Suction cup Double kg.70 mm.115 1650152Valex


Suitable for moving glass plates. Rubber suction cup. With locks. Capacity kg 70 Ø ventosa mm 115

8,14 € VAT included
6,67 € Without VAT

Cylindrical magnet "Maxalco"

Available in 3 models. permanent magnet made up with original alloy core "MAXALCO".

4,22 € VAT included
3,46 € Without VAT

Handle for Tine Head Interchangeable mm.170 JLBM50M53PA Bahco


Handle for interchangeable die head from 2 to 50 mm. Included adapter for more dimensions. Length: 170 mm

60,39 € VAT included
49,50 € Without VAT