Short Block Engine Block for Brushcutter Emak 61030049AR


Engine Block for Emak Brushcutter MODEL: EFCO SO2550 - STARK2500S - STARK2500T - STARK2500TR OLEO MAC OS255 - SPARTA250S - SPARTA250T SPARTA250TR

104,62 € VAT included
85,75 € Without VAT

Aria Spugna Filter by Decespugliatore Tagliasiepi Mitsubishi McCulloch Shindaiwa R140349 Sabart


Air Filter in Sponge for Brushcutter Hedge Trimmer. Measures: Diameter (mm) 60.0 Height (mm) 10.0 Art.R140349 McCulloch: TD4000 Mitsubishi: T110, T130, T140, T180, T200, T240, TL33, TL43 Shindaiwa: T350, T450, BP350, T40, B450

1,88 € VAT included
1,54 € Without VAT

Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton 799871

Briggs & Stratton

Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton Art.799871

55,42 € VAT included
45,43 € Without VAT

4151258R Oleo Mac Efco Brush Cutter Blend Cap

Mixing cap for descescpugliatore Internal diameter 49 mm Art. 4151258R

9,16 € VAT included
7,51 € Without VAT

Clutch Spring for Brush Cutter 4138494 Oleo-Mac

Clutch spring for BC 320 Oleo-Mac brush cutter. Art. 4138494

2,18 € VAT included
1,79 € Without VAT

Coil for Brush Cutter Oleo Mac and Efco Art. 2501006R

Coil for brush cutter Oleo-Mac and Efco Art. 2501006R

37,88 € VAT included
31,05 € Without VAT

Coil for Brush Cutter Oleo Mac Efco Art. 61250197AR

Coil for Oleo-Mac and Efco brushcutter Art. 61250197AR

44,15 € VAT included
36,19 € Without VAT

Cylinder Gasket for Brush Cutter 61280005BR Oleo Mac

Cylinder gasket for Brushcutter Art.61280005BR

3,60 € VAT included
2,95 € Without VAT

Efco Oleo-Mac Complete Brush Cutter Kit 61282026A

Piston Kit Complete Efco Oleo-Mac Brushcutters Art.61282026A

44,46 € VAT included
36,44 € Without VAT

Castelgarden Alpine Ignition Coil 118801574/0 for BL260 Blower


Ignition coil for BL260 blower Original number: 118801574/0

19,73 € VAT included
16,17 € Without VAT