Universal clamp Prehensile Picker 2 Chele Ventosa

And 'the only ergonomic tool 2 claws, equipped with suction cups, which allows you to grab any object that is difficult or inappropriate to place your hands, blocking its outlet. Equipped with a rotating shaft, allows the continuous rotation of the items seized from lightweight aluminum frame, designed for professional use.

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Manual Elicoidal Tile TT 380 DL cm.38 Wolf Garten

Wolf Garten

Manual helical grass cutter, practical and easy to handle, silent and without emissions. Working width of 38 cm and equipped with roller blades with bearings and 5 contact blades with height adjustment on 4 positions from 1.3 to 3.8 cm, ideal for gardens with a surface area of 250 square meters. Handle with soft-grip handle and large wheels that facilitate movement during work.

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Automatic tensioner ZSM Wolf Garten 3946000

Wolf Garten

The unique principle of the tensioner will be extremely useful when pruning tall trees. Thanks to the automatic rope tensioner, the rope always remains taut: does not slip, not entangled in the branches. The large non-slip padding and the professional handle for easily practicable adjustment with only one hand, greatly increases the comfort of work Scope: Care of trees without stairs automatic tensioning mechanism and rope winding. Cod. 3946000

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Tying forceps

Manual clamp binder, perfect for tying of plants and flowers.

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Roller Compressor Land Agrati 510


steamroller steel with rounded edges, painted with scratch-resistant powder. It equipped with scraper height adjustable and pivot nylon. It can be filled with water or sand in order to increase their weight. Art. 510

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