Multiutensile 12 in 1 MTT051 Bahco


Multi-tool 12 in 1, aluminum body 12 different functions Stainless steel tools and aluminum body

13,69 € VAT included
11,22 € Without VAT

Pliers for Hooks Net Big ø9,3mm Art.436 Mundial


closing large network clamp hooks (ø9,3 mm) hole. Length: 210 mm coated finish. plastic molded handle.

14,53 € VAT included
11,91 € Without VAT

Pliers for Hooks Net Small ø6,3mm art.35 Mundial


closing small network clamp hooks (ø6,3 mm) hole. Length: 210 mm coated finish. plastic molded handle.

13,12 € VAT included
10,75 € Without VAT

Pliers for eyelets + 100 eyelets Valex 1462781


Pliers for eyelets with adjustable die-cutting device. Equipped with 100 eyelets. Length: 170 mm For eyelets: Ø 4,8 mm

5,93 € VAT included
4,86 € Without VAT

Occlusion clamp hoses Sleeves 1481PL / A Beta


Plastic pipe wrench occlusion and sleeves Diameter: 8 to 15 mm

10,87 € VAT included
8,91 € Without VAT

Universal clamp Prehensile Picker 2 Chele Ventosa

And 'the only ergonomic tool 2 claws, equipped with suction cups, which allows you to grab any object that is difficult or inappropriate to place your hands, blocking its outlet. Equipped with a rotating shaft, allows the continuous rotation of the items seized from lightweight aluminum frame, designed for professional use.

7,69 € VAT included
6,30 € Without VAT

Caliper Preload for max 5mm Ties Fanton 63091


professional clamp metal with pre-charge for up to 5 mm clamps. Cod. 63091

35,60 € VAT included
29,18 € Without VAT

Tool socket Magnetic Workshop 2535F1


3-component handle for optimal comfort and increased power transmission Finish: chrome, shiny magnet Ø 10 mm, 1 kg capacity. Tot length: 535mm Cod. 2535F1

38,74 € VAT included
31,75 € Without VAT

Pliers Bahco 2650 Connectors


Pliers designed for adjustment of the connectors on motors, hydraulic and works with light metals and threaded pipes where surfaces must not be damaged. Finish: chrome and gloss, anti-corrosion material: stainless steel high-performance grips with PVC coating with interchangeable bits, nylon 3 different positions Cod. 2650

45,90 € VAT included
37,62 € Without VAT

Maurer 2-4,5mm Pinza Fustel Fustellatrice 6 089 128


Caliper professional punching dies 6, for drilling from 2 to 4.5 mm.
Clamp length: 230 mm
Cod. 089128

13,92 € VAT included
11,41 € Without VAT