Paints and enamels



Vernicato white enamel paint for Vernifer heaters 500ml Arexons


Enamel varnish for radiators ready to use. Format. 500ml The white satin color is the basis for easily obtaining the desired color using universal dyes. For a pleasant appearance of the room, Vernifer Caloriferi can also be used for bins, skirting boards and jambs.

10,21 € VAT included
8,37 € Without VAT

Salt Painting Lt.4 Breathable Antimuffa Naturale Teknica


Size: 4 Liters Natural anti-molding acrylic breathable paint. Ideal for walls and ceilings, high coverage, smooth, natural white with micro salgemma saline controlled, ready to use. Whitewashing with salt painting improves breathing (Halotherapy) and thanks to the properties of iodinated salt present in controlled quantities it creates a microclimate such as being on the seashore or near a waterfall

26,01 € VAT included
21,32 € Without VAT

Anti-Corrosion Gray Corrosion Drying Correction Italcolor


Available in 2 sizes. Quick drying corrosion protection. Super-plush and lead-free Color: Gray (RAL 7004)

10,76 € VAT included
8,82 € Without VAT

Water-based paint Mural Super-opaque Tempera White Extras


Available in 2 sizes. Quality white tempera, suitable for the painting of domestic environments (kitchens, bathrooms, garages, etc.) Classification TVOC according to EN ISO 16000-9: 2006 This product complies with the 2004/42 / EC and is VOC (Volatile Organic compounds) close to zero, virtually free of volatile organic compounds and odor.

5,27 € VAT included
4,32 € Without VAT

Washable water-based paint Breathable Acrylic MS2000 White


Available in 2 sizes. white wall emulsion paint with high coverage, significant opacity. Good brushing and white tone. The matte appearance tends to mask small surface imperfections. Ideal for indoor environments where fine finishes are required, but thanks to the good resistance to alkalis can also be used in outdoor environments. This product complies with the 2004/42 / EC and is VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) is close to zero, virtually free of volatile organic compounds and odor.

19,81 € VAT included
16,24 € Without VAT

Water-based paint Breathable Super-opaque Ecology Paint Ducks White


Available in 3 sizes. white water-based paint with high coverage, ideal for domestic environments with high humidity. The precious charges present in it give the product greater coverage and high breathability, combined with a pleasant fragrance of green apple. This product complies with the 2004/42 / EC and is VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) is close to zero, virtually free of volatile organic compounds and odor.

6,14 € VAT included
5,03 € Without VAT

Flatting Transparent Brilliant Lakistar Rover


Available in 2 sizes. Flatting transparent brilliant finish high resistance in the marine environment, especially for boats. Special additives provide excellent protection against ultraviolet rays. It is a water-repellent product by the brushing, dilation and high yield. It emphasizes the grain of the wood without altering its structure. Colour: Colourless

10,53 € VAT included
8,63 € Without VAT

Anti-mildew additive for water-based paint 250ml Maurer 094168


Format: 250 ml Universal additive for water paints: prevents and prevents the formation of mold. Odorless and milky. It does not alter the original color dell'idropittura and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Dosages: 250 ml of the product are sufficient for 14 liters of water paint.

5,26 € VAT included
4,31 € Without VAT

Primer for Galvanized Sheet Grey 1litro Italcolor


Size: 1 Liter Fund for galvanized steel and light alloys. Color: light gray (RAL 7035) Yield: 9-10 m / L Application: brush, spray, immersion, spray gun, airless

14,13 € VAT included
11,58 € Without VAT

Vernifer Anti-Rust Paint 750ml Arexons


Available in various colors. Format: 750 ml A varnishing product that combines the characteristic properties of an excellent enamel (coverage, gloss, color range) to those typical of an anti-rust primer (corrosion protection). Structured in the form of a soft gel to prevent sagging and ensure at the same time an excellent brush. Suitable for outdoor and indoor.

10,09 € VAT included
8,27 € Without VAT