Diagonal cutter for Micro-Mechanical 110 mm FMHT0-80518 Stanley


Compact ergonomic design, ensures optimal visibility with high-quality steel Cutting edge with high cutting capacity Bi-material handle for low slip risk and less fatigue Jaw return spring, for ease of use and greater agility and laser marking for easy identification of the product code Length 110 mm Code FMHT0-80518

9,56 € VAT included
7,84 € Without VAT

Mini 04400 SikuroTech cutters


Mini cutters with SK5 steel blades and handles covered in red PVC. Art. 04400

8,17 € VAT included
6,70 € Without VAT

Shear Side Cutting for Electronics 115 mm 04061 SikuroTech


Electronic side cutter for electronics with chrome vanadium steel body and ergonomic and non-slip two-component handles. Length: 115 mm Cod. 04061

3,05 € VAT included
2,50 € Without VAT

Shear Side Cutting 160 mm 04040 SikuroTech


Side-cutting cutter with chrome vanadium steel body and ergonomic and non-slip two-component handles. Length: 160 mm Cod. 04040

4,86 € VAT included
3,98 € Without VAT

Tensile for Cementist in SikuroTech Steel


Available in various sizes. Pincer for cementist with chrome vanadium steel body and handles covered in double layer of non-slip PVC.

5,12 € VAT included
4,20 € Without VAT

Tenaglia by Ferraiolo DIN 9242 Huesca Art.153


Available in 2 models. Professional DIN 9242 workpiece for ferrule, quality Made in Italy

10,99 € VAT included
9,01 € Without VAT

Crawler Cutter 2805-280 Bahco


Can be used with one hand thanks to the excellent lever effect and gradual cutting Finishing: chrome, glossy; Cutting edge with black finish Material: special steel, PVC-coated handles Easily maneuverable, the tool can be removed at any point of the cut Not suitable for cutting elevator cables or steel reinforcement Multiple cables: 2804 up to 240 mm² (copper ), 2805 to 400 mm² (copper) Cutting capacity: coated copper wire or aluminum wire

263,59 € VAT included
216,06 € Without VAT

Tagliabulloni Valex


Available in 3 models. Blades in chrome-vanadium steel parallel adjustment with eccentric bolts handles made of tubular steel with rubber grip.

10,46 € VAT included
8,57 € Without VAT

Mini wire cutter Cutting Front mm.125 081,458 Maurer


Mini-cutter to cut front for electronic, length mm.125, with handles plasticized.

6,26 € VAT included
5,13 € Without VAT

Assortment Universal Pliers + Wire Cutter + pliers nosed pliers 1169BM / D3 Beta


Assortment consists of: -1 pliers 1150BM-180 mm. -1 Pliers nosed pliers long-1166BM 160 mm. -1 Cutter 1082BM-160 mm.

39,20 € VAT included
32,13 € Without VAT