Professional Spray Eliminates Mold Bacteria Super Mushrooms 1MM 750ml Madras


Format: 750 ml Quick sanitizing product, quickly destroys any type of mold, lichen, fungus, moss, bacteria and any organic substance that can infest floors, walls, exposed walls, ceilings in: terracotta, clinker, stoneware, stones, cement, plasters and internal and external. SUPER 1MM PROFESSIONAL, thanks to its active biocide compounds, does not just destroy these substances on the surface, but attacks them chemically in depth, burning them to the root, so as to avoid the development of new spores.

6,83 € VAT included
5,60 € Without VAT

Disintegration for Fulcron Pipes Gushing 1 liter 2548 Arexons Faren


Format: 1 lt Chemical cleaning agent to clean water, sinks, showers and bidets. Quickly and effortlessly frees clogged bathroom and kitchen pipes. Quickly break down all kinds of residues: paper, rags, limestone, grease, hair, soap. Safe and fast, it is not necessary to dismantle the pipes. The high specific weight formulation allows the product to penetrate through stagnant water and act only in contact with the occlusion.

2,75 € VAT included
2,25 € Without VAT

Detergent Spray Anti-scaling Hygiene Bathroom Sanitary 750 ml Maurer


Format: 750 ml MAURER perfumed sanitizing detergent specific for cleaning, descaling and preventing limescale formation. Suitable for sanitary surfaces, tiles, ceramics, stainless steel, plastic and shower enclosure glass (not usable on marble, natural stone, enamels and painted surfaces)

3,84 € VAT included
3,15 € Without VAT

Bleach Baths Healthy Milk ml.125 Pattex


Size: 125 ml Covering and varnishing product that allows to renew the color of the joints between the tiles. Thanks to its excellent filling power, it allows renewal of small spoiled mortar strokes. Can be used for bathrooms, kitchens and all tiled tiles. New format for even easier application.

5,64 € VAT included
4,62 € Without VAT

Newton Anti-hanging Moisturizer for Washing Machine

Anti-lime and softener for washing machine, to be screwed in by hand under the inlet tap of the washing machine. It protects from limestone and keeps the washing machine clean for better washing results. The laundry is softer and the extra bright colors. Ecological, maintenance-free, does not consume electricity.

34,90 € VAT included
28,61 € Without VAT

Spray Eliminates Mold Mufficida Muffyxid 500ml Faren


Format: 500 ml Eliminates mold, moss and algae. Professional product in 500 ml spray format, powerful able to eliminate mold in less than 10 minutes and without any mechanical action. Without gas.

4,94 € VAT included
4,05 € Without VAT

Cif Gel with Bleach ml.750


Size: 750 ml detergent in concentrated gel with bleach indicated for use on all washable surfaces in the bathroom (basin, bath) and kitchen (sink, refrigerator, etc.). With the new enhanced formulation of spotting agents, it has an effective action against fruit stains, tea, coffee and protein dirt. Pure, effortlessly removes all kinds of dirt. Diluted, it is even easier to use because it gives a clean, bright without rinsing.

1,66 € VAT included
1,36 € Without VAT

Caustic Soda Kg.1 Amacasa


Format: 1 kg Caustic soda flakes. Disintasa the drains of sinks and showers. Svernicia and softens old layers of paint without damaging materials, ceramics and metals.

3,18 € VAT included
2,61 € Without VAT

Mold Cleaner Spray Cleaner 1000ml 094167 Maurer


Format: 1000 ml Concentrated chlorine based cleaner, eliminates and prevents the formation and growth of mold, algae and moss. Effective in minutes both indoors and outdoors. Diluted it can be used for sanitizing bathrooms, swimming pools and floors. 90% biodegradable.

7,99 € VAT included
6,55 € Without VAT

WC Net Fosse Biological 12 Envelopes


Format: 12 WC-Net bags restores the proper functioning of septic tanks by removing the cause of bad smells, traffic jams and the drains. 100% natural formula. Dose: 1 sachet per week

9,61 € VAT included
7,88 € Without VAT