Claber Hydro-4 Battery Controller


A battery-powered programmer and 4 solenoid valves, ready to use in a compact and perfectly sealed watertight pit, usable underground or above ground, to manage in a simple and effective way up to 4 irrigation lines, in the most common gardens and vegetable gardens: up to at 700 square meters It allows to open and close up to 4 independent underground or drip irrigation lines. Easy programming, with only 3 keys and a large display. 2 programs for each outlet, up to 4 irrigation cycles per day. Weekly setting with exclusion of days with manual function test 5 minutes, modifiable as irrigation times. Protective cover and buttons in two-material rubber. It allows you to view the programs inserted for each unit and to delete them. It can be connected to the Rain Sensor radio frequency sensor. Supplied with 2 threaded plugs for unused outputs. 4 bistable solenoids.

127,12 € VAT included
104,20 € Without VAT

Automatic Programmer for Dual Select Irrigation Systems Mod. 8488


Two-way automatic programmer, with irrigation on independent lines, works with 2 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries, placed in a rainproof battery compartment. It is easy to program with two digital buttons: one with 14 irrigation times and one with 7 frequencies for each line. It has 98 preset programs (+ off) for each line and is equipped with a high-readable backlit LCD screen in all conditions for displaying the functions. It has an immediate or delayed start button 1-23 hours for both lines and a manual opening button. It is provided with a two-sided front panel and a transparent protective cover. 3/4 "tap connection with pivoting ring and washable filter.

59,10 € VAT included
48,44 € Without VAT

Aqua-Home Irrigation Controller 4-6-8 8022 Claber


Designed for today's gardens and needs, the Aqua-Home programmer has a pleasantly compact design, is easy to install and use, has a large and readable display, 4 keys and a knob selector, to determine a versatile versatility differentiated and personalized irrigation up to 8 lines. Moreover, it is "super" reliable, thanks to the innovative SuperCap condenser with a practically unlimited life, which guarantees the maintenance of the settings even in case of power failure, much longer than a normal buffer battery.

53,02 € VAT included
43,46 € Without VAT

Rain Sensor Rain Sensor 90915 Claber


rain sensor that automatically stops the irrigation program when it rains and resumes, at the appointed time, when good weather returns. It includes toecap which avoids the accidental deposition of leaves on the sensor, ensuring maximum reliability in operation. It is easily installed outdoors, on the appropriate bracket in steel and easily connects via cable to the programmer.

24,75 € VAT included
20,29 € Without VAT

Programmatore Multipla® AC 230/24 V LCD 8058 Claber


electronic programmer to 6 lines easy to program and resistant to scuffs and wet weather. 6 watering times and 7 frequencies for each line. Delay start button. Lights to flashing LEDs. External transformer included.

62,88 € VAT included
51,54 € Without VAT

AC programmer Aquauno MULTIPLE Claber 8018


Electronic programmer to 6 lines easy to program: it is sufficient to turn the 6 dials to set the run time desired 5 - 10 to 15 - 20 - 30 - 60 minutes.
Cod. 8018

69,78 € VAT included
57,20 € Without VAT

Irrigation programmer Aquauno Logic Balcony Claber 8415


Aquauno Logic Balcony has 15 ready-made programs, specific plants of the terrace and the balcony, selected by simply turning the knob. Just turn the knob to select one of 15 preset, designed by experts in gardening and irrigation Claber. Cod. 8415

46,82 € VAT included
38,38 € Without VAT

Practical Programmer Aquauno Claber 8425


It`s easy to use by pressing the "Green" you start the program: when watering is sufficient, you press the "red". Pratico memorises the time between the two operations and repeats the program, lasting up to 60 minutes, every day at the same hour.
Cod. 8425

20,08 € VAT included
16,46 € Without VAT

Logic programmer Aquauno claber 8422


Using this automatic one totally revolutionary. With 15 preset and exclusive single-lever rotary knob for setting the desired programs.
Cod. 8422

29,50 € VAT included
24,18 € Without VAT