Bow Saw Segments 530mm = 21 "91080 Ecerf


Ecef bow saw blade Measure 533 mm = 21 ".

5,37 € VAT included
4,40 € Without VAT

Saw Blade Saw Segment 810 mm Castle Bushman Tooth

Bone-tooth blades are specific for cuts on green woods, while fine teeth are used for cuts on dry woods. Length: 81 cm

5,72 € VAT included
4,69 € Without VAT

Slab for Segoncino 533 mm 21 "Diamante

DIAMANT blade for 533 mm 21 "saw. Blade with sharp, sharpened and sharpened burr gearing, guarantees a long sharpening life.

1,09 € VAT included
0,89 € Without VAT

Saw Saw Blade Curve Art.233 Diamant

Curved blade saw, handle in metal tube and sharpening on three sides. Length 30 cm

11,13 € VAT included
9,12 € Without VAT

Saw Saw for Pruning 48 cm Art.130 Diamant

Wolf Garten

Saw with wooden handle, pistol grip, suitable for pruning. Blade length 32 cm.

6,80 € VAT included
5,57 € Without VAT

Segment Saw Mignon Adjustable 53,3 cm = 21 "Art.150 Diamant

Mignon Adjustable Segment, round tube 20 mm, adjustable blade Size mm 533 = 21 ".

3,95 € VAT included
3,24 € Without VAT

Saw Blade Small Saw Blade cm.30 Art.137 Diamant

Bilama saw, tube with elliptical section, 30 cm adjustable blade. Supplied with wood and metal blades.

5,09 € VAT included
4,17 € Without VAT

Straight blade for Segaccio 30 cm Samurai

Laser cut SKS5 blade 30 cm For cuts under the shoulder. Made in Japan

14,05 € VAT included
11,52 € Without VAT

Segaccio Power Cut Pro 370 Multi-Star® Wolf Garten 71ACA003650

Wolf Garten

The saw for professional pruning POWER CUT SAW PRO 370 is a ripsaw with harpoon equipped with multi-star® standard attack, usable directly through the comfortable grip designed to always maintain security in the fingers, or in combination with telescopic handles ZM-V Vario. The blade of the special curvature, allows to increase the cutting performance both in thrust that traction and prevent bacterial infections. Combining this ripsaw a Vario will handle safely can perform pruning without a ladder up to the height of 5.50 meters.

35,94 € VAT included
29,46 € Without VAT

34248 Replacement Blade for Hacksaw Turbo Ausonia 30 cm


Chrome plated blade made of high quality steel, tempering pulsed, for hacksaw with Turbo Ausonia 34048. sheath Blade length: 30 cm Cod. 34248

13,76 € VAT included
11,28 € Without VAT