Racking and Transport Fuels / Oil



Plastic Fuel Can 5 Liter with Spout 7021 Di Martino

Di Martino

Capacity: 5 Liters Fuel can 5 lt. Line of articles suitable for spraying oils, lubricants, construction release agents, detergents and descalers, with FPM (VITON®) and EPDM gaskets. Size: 26x14.5x26 h

3,39 € VAT included
2,78 € Without VAT

Syringe for Aspiring Oil - Pressing 250 gr in Steel

Oil syringe, suction-pressing type. Execution in steel with rigid tube. Capacity: 250gr

13,53 € VAT included
11,09 € Without VAT

5 Liter Plastic Fuel Tank for Petrol with Spout

Capacity: 5 Liters Plastic tank for fuels according to the UN norm with spout

4,11 € VAT included
3,37 € Without VAT

Doser Measure Pressol 1 Liter


Measuring cup with lid and protective cap. Material: polyethylene, unbreakable, resistant to oils and acids. With a German, English and American scale. Shock resistant and stable, ergonomic design. Resistant to oil, acid and fuel.

10,35 € VAT included
8,48 € Without VAT

Self-priming Pump for Diesel Engagement Art.34004


Self-priming rotary vane electric pump with By-Pass valve and built-in filter. Insulation class F. Priming height Max .: 2 mt. For higher heights it is necessary to use a suction pipe with a diameter greater than that of the suction mouth and it is necessary to mount a bottom valve equipped with a filter. Flow rate: 56.0 l / min

128,47 € VAT included
105,30 € Without VAT

Professional Basket for Fuel with Spout Salvabenzina


Available in 2 sizes. By placing the cap spout on the container, the spring inside opens up allowing the flow of fuel without leakage and allowing to see the level. Simply raising the container, the spring closes avoiding waste of gasoline.

9,72 € VAT included
7,97 € Without VAT

Funnel ø240mm Art.00907


Funnel ø 240 mm. Cod. 00907

2,07 € VAT included
1,70 € Without VAT

Flexible Rod Oil gr.500 095813 Maurer


Pressure oil with flexible shaft with painted steel body. Capacity: 500 gr

7,61 € VAT included
6,24 € Without VAT

Flexible Can Oil Outer gr.300 095811 Maurer


Pressure oil with flexible shaft with painted steel body. Capacity: 300 gr

6,49 € VAT included
5,32 € Without VAT

Tank Double 3 + 1 Liter 32270749 Granit


Size: 3 + 1 Liter GRANIT TANK DOUBLE Content: 3 l + 1 l mixture chain oil Color: white / white / transparent transparent approval UN / BAM complete with spout Weight: 592 g

13,53 € VAT included
11,09 € Without VAT