Racking and Transport Fuels / Oil



Volumetric liter-counter diesel 03857 Ama


Volumetric diesel fuel meter equipped with a non-resettable 6-digit totalizer and a 3-digit partial resettable after each refueling. Suitable for flow rates up to 120 L / min. Max pressure 10 bar. In-out 1 "BSP. NOTES: accuracy% ± 1

99,65 € VAT included
81,68 € Without VAT

Jerrycan Bin for Fuel Transfer in Red Polyethylene 20 Liters PRJE20 Ribimex


Capacity: 20 liters in high density polyethylene (HDPE) intended for the storage, handling and transport of chemical and petrochemical products, viscous liquids. UN standards.

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24,25 € Without VAT

10 liter red polyethylene gasoline canister 1959860 Valex


Capacity: 10 Liters Tank for petrol transfer in red polyethylene Art. 1959860 Valex

29,59 € VAT included
24,25 € Without VAT

TUV-GS Red 20 Liters Metal Fuel Can with Magnetic Screw Cap

Capacity: 20 Liters 0,9mm thick metal can. Textured cap surface with built-in magnet. External epoxy powder painting. Internal coating ideal for fuel. Regularly tested and compliant with the internal pressure test at 2.5 bar and drop test from 1.8 m in height.

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24,25 € Without VAT

Dispensing Pitcher Container Oil 2 Liter 41901 Groz

Jug dispenser ideal for transferring oil and fuels in workshops and industries Material: HDPE Color: white / transparent Flexible spout material: LDPE Lid and closure material: polypropylene With notches in liters and quarters Capacity 2 l Do not use for measuring liquids for sale

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4,05 € Without VAT

Plastic Lever Hand Pump for AdBlue Pesticide Hydraulic Oil Detergents 44185 GROZ

Hand lever pump ideal for use with AdBlue®, water-based fluids, detergents, soaps, antifreeze, window washers, hydraulic oils, herbicides and pesticides. These pumps must not be used for fuel transfer or solvent diluents, etc. . The pump outlet is equipped with a vent plug, which can be loosened to interrupt the action of the siphon. The contact parts are in acetal resin, polypropylene, polyethylene and vitron Attention: do not use with fluids that are not compatible with the materials used for the construction of the pump

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54,81 € Without VAT

Plastic Fuel Can 5 Liter with Spout 7021 Di Martino

Di Martino

Capacity: 5 Liters Fuel can 5 lt. Line of articles suitable for spraying oils, lubricants, construction release agents, detergents and descalers, with FPM (VITON®) and EPDM gaskets. Size: 26x14.5x26 h

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2,78 € Without VAT

Syringe for Aspiring Oil - Pressing 250 gr in Steel

Oil syringe, suction-pressing type. Execution in steel with rigid tube. Capacity: 250gr

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11,09 € Without VAT

5 Liter Plastic Fuel Tank for Petrol with Spout

Capacity: 5 Liters Plastic tank for fuels according to the UN norm with spout

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3,93 € Without VAT

Doser Measure Pressol 1 Liter


Measuring cup with lid and protective cap. Material: polyethylene, unbreakable, resistant to oils and acids. With a German, English and American scale. Shock resistant and stable, ergonomic design. Resistant to oil, acid and fuel.

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8,48 € Without VAT