Multi-star® adjustable broom UC-M 71AAA031650 Wolf Garten

Wolf Garten

Working width 36-58 cm. To clean large or small surfaces simply by adjusting the broom. The prongs do not bend thanks to the hardened elastic steel. Recommended handle: ZM 140.

24,22 € VAT included
19,85 € Without VAT

Rake 14 Teeth Curves Agef


Rake with 14 curved teeth MIsure: 7.5x35x11.5 cm Weight: 0.48 Kg Mod. 58014 / 4A2S0000 Supplied without handle.

4,10 € VAT included
3,36 € Without VAT

Rake 18 Teeth Curved Agef


Rake with 18 curved teeth MIsure: 7.5x45x11.5 cm Weight: 0.60 Kg Supplied without handle.

4,59 € VAT included
3,76 € Without VAT

Agef 20-tine Rakes


20-tooth rake, without handle. Art. 89020 Dimensions: 62x12x18 cm Weight: 0.66 Kg

18,57 € VAT included
15,22 € Without VAT

Rake 5 teeth 30301 Sikurotech


Rastrellino 5 denti con manico in legno gommato.
Lunghezza: 32 cm

Art. 30301

3,76 € VAT included
3,08 € Without VAT

Lawn Rake UH-M 60 58cm Multi-star® Wolf Garten 71AAA034650

Wolf Garten

The multi-star lawn rake UH-M 60 WOLF-Garten is ideal for lawn cleaning and leveling of seeding surfaces. Working width: 58 cm. Suitable for Multi-star® handles. Cod. 71AAA034650

27,39 € VAT included
22,45 € Without VAT

Broom Rake UE-M Multi-Star® 71AAA032650 Wolf Garten

Wolf Garten

Clean paths without fatigue and solid ground, such as leaves No bending of the teeth since they are made of flexible elastic steel Suitable for Multi-Star® handles. Working width: 50 cm

18,98 € VAT included
15,56 € Without VAT

PROJBF64 / MF Ribimex Leaf Broom


Leaf broom, made of plastic, with reinforced structure and flexible teeth. Ideal for all maintenance work and collection of grass, leaves, green waste, etc. Type: 25 teeth. Width 64 cm.

12,03 € VAT included
9,86 € Without VAT

Double Toothed Aerator Rake


Galvanized aerator rod, double tooth, without handle.

13,36 € VAT included
10,95 € Without VAT

Broom adjustable multi-star® UC-M Wolf Garten 3524000

Wolf Garten

of 36-58 cm width. To clean large or small surfaces, by simply adjusting the broom. The prongs do not bend thanks elastic hardened steel. Recommended handle: ZM 140.

19,95 € VAT included
16,35 € Without VAT