Red Oil for Wood Furniture and Floors 1 Liter Teknica


Format: 1 Liter High quality red oil to polish, nourish and protect the most precious woods, preserving them from aging. Also suitable for anodized floors and fixtures.

7,20 € VAT included
5,90 € Without VAT

Spray Protection Treatment 200ml Tarlix

Format: 200 ml Protective wood, odorless, colorless, with anti-woodworm action and against various insects that nest in the wood.

4,39 € VAT included
3,60 € Without VAT

Stark Solid Furniture Wax 500 ml


Available in 4 colors Concentrated product, added with pure beeswax to protect and polish the wood in time, defending it from stun attack.

6,23 € VAT included
5,11 € Without VAT

Lino Cotto Lt.5 Multichimica oil


Size: 5 Liters Pure vegetable product made from linseed fibers and subjected to a process that guarantees greater resistance to atmospheric agents. It is used in particular for the preservation of wood and for the finishing of Florentine and bricks. It also finds use in the production and dilution of oil paints, paints, etc. of turpentine or limonene.

21,40 € VAT included
17,54 € Without VAT

Marker for retouch Wood Furniture

Cera Novecento

Available in 6 colors. Precision Marker that replaces the use of the brush to touch up small abrasions and scratches on the wood surface.

1,61 € VAT included
1,32 € Without VAT

Linseed oil Cotto Lt.1 Multichimica


Format: 1 liter pure plant product made from the fibers of the flax and subjected to a process that ensures greater resistance to weathering. It is used in particular for the preservation of wood and for the Florentine and bricks cooked finish. It is also used in the production and dilution of oil paints, varnish, turpentine ecc.senza or limonene.

3,76 € VAT included
3,08 € Without VAT

Straw Mutlichimica oil


Available in 2 sizes. straw-colored oil, with impregnating action, protection for furniture and wooden doors and windows, porous floors, cement products. It is suitable for the polishing of aluminum frames. It penetrates deep maintaining the natural transpiration of the wood.

1,83 € VAT included
1,50 € Without VAT

Woodworm for Timpest Wood

Available in 3 sizes. Specific product, colorless and with a low odor, with efficacy and persistence, to combat wood borers: it acts by contact and ingestion. It is applied as it is on all wooden surfaces (furniture, furnishings and wooden artefacts, windows, doors, beams, floors, raw wood for the production of furniture and structures, etc.).

4,42 € VAT included
3,62 € Without VAT

Linseed oil 1 liter Cotto Teknica


Format: 1 liter vegetable oil obtained by simple pressing in flaxseed pressure previously roasted and subjected to clarification and purification of natural processes. The linseed oil, thanks to its siccative capacity, is used in place of paints for wood finish from inside and from outside. For the application it is recommended to dilute the linseed oil in the ratio 1: 1 with turpentine or limonene.

4,28 € VAT included
3,51 € Without VAT

Straw Oil for Furniture and Floor Teknica


Available in 2 sizes. natural oil to polish, nourish and protect the most precious woods protecting them from aging. Also suitable for floors and anodized frames.

2,37 € VAT included
1,94 € Without VAT