Scissors Work scissors 130 mm 450 Ecef


Professional work scissors scissors 130 mm with red handle Ecef. Art.450

1,90 € VAT included
1,56 € Without VAT

Electrician scissors 145 mm 20020 Ecef


Electrician scissors 145 mm Ecef. Equipped with forged and tempered steel blades with wire cutters and nylon handles Art.20020

3,62 € VAT included
2,97 € Without VAT

1128BAX Beta Double Effect Electrician Scissors


Double-acting cutting: -support + power. a special cam on the fulcrum reduces the cutting effort by 20%. better performance that last longer Patented scissors! Profile and milling cutter: designed to widen holes in plastic from 13 to 25 mm. High surface hardness of the blades (resistance to abrasion and maintenance of sharpening over time) Low friction coefficient (smoothness and cutting power) Eccentric anti-loosening pin Wide handles with chokes

17,01 € VAT included
13,94 € Without VAT

Nickel plated 7 "Scissors

Traditional nickel-plated steel scissors, hot forged and hand-sharpened. Size: 7 inches

7,26 € VAT included
5,95 € Without VAT

Tailor Scissors 8 "

Scissor for tailor with 8 "clean blades and varnished handle.

13,68 € VAT included
11,21 € Without VAT

Work Scissors 6 "

Traditional nickel-plated steel scissors, forged hot and sharp-handed. Length: 6 "

7,26 € VAT included
5,95 € Without VAT

Multi-Purpose Scissors Blades Straight 1130BMX Beta


Multipurpose Scissors stainless steel straight blades with micro-toothing. Length: 190 mm. Blade length: 58 mm. New handle. Spring mechanism. Blades on the handle for wire stripping.

15,62 € VAT included
12,80 € Without VAT

Electricians scissors blades 1129BM Beta Curve


Scissors for electricians with blades chrome curves, for intensive use. With cutter throat. Length: 145 mm

9,08 € VAT included
7,44 € Without VAT

Universal Scissors with stripping tool mm.140 Ks Tools 7881180060

Length: 140 mm Scissors robust courtyard suitable for different applications. With wire stripper. Housing with belt clip included. Weight: 149 g

25,28 € VAT included
20,72 € Without VAT

Scissors Electricians Lions 3490

Scissors for electricians with ergonomic soft grip.

6,04 € VAT included
4,95 € Without VAT