Protective Visor with Adjustable Net for Gardening R342002 Sabart


STRONG protective net visor for gardening work with folding mesh screen (brushcutter, chainsaw, etc.) Height 210 mm. CE approved according to EN 1731 S.

9,04 € VAT included
7,41 € Without VAT

Protective Visor with Adjustable Net for Garden Brush Cutter 89670 Ama


Adjustable protective visor, in mesh. Screen and sun visor, large protective surface, practical, robust and light. EN1731.

4,55 € VAT included
3,73 € Without VAT

SikuroTech 10200 Polycarbonate Protection Screen


Polycarbonate screen to protect the face from splinters. Dimensions: 200x250x1 mm Art.10200

5,98 € VAT included
4,90 € Without VAT

Protection visor with 10201 SikuroTech net


Protection visor with wire mesh. Art.10201

3,27 € VAT included
2,68 € Without VAT

Semimalotta with retractable aluminum screen VSR 197073 Newtec


Semi-pile with retractable aluminum screen Retractable adjustment Retained screen: S - Bardatura: S Size: cm 23 x 30 Economy model Color: black / yellow

7,48 € VAT included
6,13 € Without VAT

Adjustable Visor Wire Mesh Anti-glare 26011 Cermag


adjustable face shield for gardening, made of non-reflective metal mesh. unique, adjustable size.

4,01 € VAT included
3,29 € Without VAT

Protective Visor with Network Pro Standar R342246 Sabart


STANDARD PRO visor fitted with folding mesh screen with fine mesh network. Height: 190 mm. Weight: 99 g Front with rubber foam. CE approved - according to EN 1731 S.

5,67 € VAT included
4,65 € Without VAT

Helmet combined Forestry Using Granit 52470003


hardhat for professional use, convenient, complete with visor and ear muffs. Perfect for the use of machines and power tools of gardening. Cod. 52470003

16,74 € VAT included
13,72 € Without VAT

Network Protective Visor Adjustable Ama 89670


Screen TV and a term paper parasols, large protective area, practical, rugged and lightweight. EN1731 Cod. 89670

3,64 € VAT included
2,98 € Without VAT

Semicalotta with Schermo and Mentoniera Univet 699.00.00.00


in tipper polycarbonate screen 90 °, thickness 1 mm. Adjustable, it can be worn on top of protective glasses and respirators. Chin replaceable polycarbonate. Art. 699.00.00.00

8,95 € VAT included
7,34 € Without VAT