Screwdriver Set 6 pieces Essential STHT0-60208 Stanley


Waterproof, fireproof and insulating TPR (Termo Poli Rock) handle Large section of the handle to optimize the torsion efficiency Shapings at the beginning of the handle to improve the precision of the adjustment Hardened vanadium chrome blade with anticorrosion treatment Hole in the handle for positioning on hooks Cod. STHT0-60208

8,15 € VAT included
6,68 € Without VAT

Screwdriver Set 6 pieces FMHT0-62626 Stanley


Highly professional with high quality vanadium chrome steel blade for a great tightening and maximum resistance. Large non-slip and knurled soft grip welded to the blade. Round and soft end for maximum comfort of use, the color of the tip identifies the type of tip. Cod. FMHT0-62626

13,02 € VAT included
10,67 € Without VAT

6 Series Screwdrivers for Slotted Screws 1463837 Valex


3 screwdrivers footprint for slotted screws 3x0.5mm-4x0,8mm-5,5x1mm 3 phillips phillips impression screwdriver PH0-PH1-PH2 Chrome vanadium steel blade with burnished magnetic tip Soft bimaterial handle with thumb rest points for a more grip ' safety.

7,32 € VAT included
6,00 € Without VAT

Series 8 Precision Screwdrivers 1463487 Valex


4 screwdrivers for slotted screws 1,4-2-3-4mm, 4 phillips screwdrivers PH000-PH00-PH0-PH1 Length 150mm with chrome vanadium steel blade and burnished tip Ergonomic bi-material handle with indicated dimensions Revolving terminal for precision screwing.

5,89 € VAT included
4,83 € Without VAT

Series 6 Precision Screwdrivers 03203 SikuroTech


Set of 6 precision screwdrivers perfect for work on glasses, watches, computers, precision work, cameras, etc.

3,07 € VAT included
2,52 € Without VAT

5 Series Chromium-Vanadium Screwdrivers SikuroTech 03180


Series of 5 screwdrivers with chrome-vanadium blade, cut and cross print. Anatomic anti-slip handle.

6,36 € VAT included
5,21 € Without VAT

5 Series Screwdrivers 1463490 Valex Accuracy


5 hexagonal screwdrivers 1,3-1,5-2-2,5-3mm - Length 150mm. Blade chrome vanadium steel - Punta burnished. Ergonomic handle bimaterial with dimensions indicated. Revolving head for precision screwing.

4,62 € VAT included
3,79 € Without VAT

7 Series Screwdrivers 1463486 Valex Accuracy


7 screwdrivers for screws with 1,4-1,8-2-2,5-3-3,5-4mm carving - 150mm Length - Blade in chrome vanadium steel - Punta burnished - Ergonomic handle bimaterial with dimensions - Revolving head for precision screw connections.

5,59 € VAT included
4,58 € Without VAT

Series 6 screwdrivers ERGO ™ BE-9881 Bahco


Maximum comfort with minimum effort thanks to the ergonomic design. Comfortable three-component handle that provides excellent grip. Punta with black finish, fully hardened blade made of chrome steel alloy with high performance. Simple to use, with the tip identification symbol marked by coded colors. flat front anti-roll on the handle.

33,55 € VAT included
27,50 € Without VAT

Phillips Screwdriver Ergonomic Cross SikuroTech


Available in 2 sizes. Blade in special steel Chromium molybdenum vanadium. Ergonomic composite material handle with a rigid core made of polypropylene. Tip magnetic burnished rust Quality professional with dual blade attachment between blade and handle.

2,12 € VAT included
1,74 € Without VAT