Signboard Panel Signals Protruding Loads 50x50cm Mazon

Aluminum sign for protruding loads. Reflection Class: 2 Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm. Color: white / red. Art.WB5005001IT

21,35 € VAT included
17,50 € Without VAT

"Stop Prohibited" sign cm.30x20

Plastic "Stop Prohibited" sign. Dimensions: 30x20 cm

0,99 € VAT included
0,81 € Without VAT

2 Pcs Shockproof Adhesive Panel 14x50 cm Geko


Anti-shock adhesive panel to be placed on the walls of the garage to prevent rear impact with the bumper and on the sides when the doors are opened. Measure: 14x50 cm Package 2pcs

3,46 € VAT included
2,84 € Without VAT

Kit 2 Panels Trailer Capacity 3500 Kg Art.04029 Ama


Indicates the presence of a trailer or semi-trailer vehicle whose mass exceeds 3.5 tonnes. Uses class 2 film with retro reflective yellow and orange fluorescent Material: Aluminum Measurements: 565X196X2 mm

18,45 € VAT included
15,12 € Without VAT

Kit 2 Panels Lorry Upper Capacity 3500 Kg Art.59791 Ama


Kit 2 panels truck carried higher than 3500 kg ECE ONU 70 01. Uses class 3 reflective and fluorescent film. Color: Yellow / Orange Measurements 565x132x2 mm Material: aluminum.

21,70 € VAT included
17,79 € Without VAT

Alternative Transit Red / Red Rifles

Red / green alternating transit signaling palette diam. 300mm.

22,89 € VAT included
18,76 € Without VAT

Plastic Chain by Delimitation

Sold to the meter. Color: Red / White Thickness: Ø8.00 mm Material: Polyethylene

1,16 € VAT included
0,95 € Without VAT

Base for Column for Signaling Chain cm.90

Base with column and cap, filled with water or sand. Color: Red / White Material: Polyethylene

6,31 € VAT included
5,17 € Without VAT

Sign "Entrance forbidden to Insiders Not Work" cm.30x20

Signage "No admittance to unauthorized persons" plastic works. Dimensions: 30x20 cm

1,34 € VAT included
1,10 € Without VAT

Chain Signs White and Red

Sold by the meter. Chain white / red signs polyethylene.

3,07 € VAT included
2,52 € Without VAT