White Universal Acetic Silicone 280 ml 100E Akfix

Format: 280 ml Color: White It is a one-component acetic drying silicone sealant, suitable for general sealing. It has a very strong adhesion and can be used on the most common non-porous building materials.

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1,37 € Without VAT

Invisible Liquid Stain-Proof Waterproofing 1 Liter Dry Plus 2.0 Mungo

Format: 1 Liter Dry Plus 2.0 does not form a film but penetrates the surfaces and makes them able to repel water, in this way the materials do not change color and breathe drying and not impregnating anymore. It is very penetrating and enters deeply in the presence of cracks, protects from the entry of water by capillarity cracks up to 1 mm or all those cracks due to movements and small sagging, which are always the cause of water infiltration. It is applied pure undiluted, by brush or roller on dry surfaces, in one hand, passing with a cloth after 10 minutes to even out any residue.

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39,05 € Without VAT

Silicone Sealant White Acrylic Effect Plaster Joints Cracks 310ml INTOFISS Prochimica


Format: 310 ml INTOFISS is an acrylic sealant with a plaster effect. Adheres well to all porous materials, even if temporarily wet. Easy to work, paintable 30 minutes after application.

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2,00 € Without VAT

Multifiss Liquid Waterproofing Gray Finish 500 gr Prochimica


Multifiss Liquid GRAY finish hardens by reaction with the humidity in the air and is designed for the waterproofing of bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces, gutters, wet areas etc. and all environments where humidity is present. Equipped with extreme permanent elasticity and a high filling power that allows it to adapt to the movements of the surfaces on which it is applied

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Silicone Acrylic Sealant Universal Cracks and Joints 310ml AC605 Akfix

Format: 310ml Single-component, universal acrylic sealant, suitable for filling cracks and joints both inside and outside. Ideal for static joints with an excellent plasticity and elasticity ratio.

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All Bond MS Adhesive Silicone Sealant Transparent 290 ml Akfix

Format: 290 ml Color: Transparent Adhesive / sealant based on MS polymer, high quality, neutral, elastic and perfectly transparent. Permanently elastic formulation with high adhesive capacity on almost all surfaces, even if wet It has a high mechanical resistance, does not contain solvent, silicone, isocyanate, halogens or acids, Good extrudability even at low temperatures It can be painted with water-based paints and it does not need primer on numerous substrates, both porous and non-porous. It does not withdraw, it does not excise it

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Monocomponent White Universal Acetic Sealant Silicone 280 ml Internal and External Prochimica


Format: 280ml Color: White Single-component sealant for interior and exterior use. Silicone for universal use resistant to mold, UV rays, atmospheric agents and the most common household and industrial detergents. It has excellent adhesion on many substrates and hardens rapidly, it is not paintable, so first paint and then apply the sealant. Suitable for sealing windows and doors, glass and aluminum frames, gutters, bathroom fixtures, drain pipes, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. For non-porous materials such as glass, ceramics, metals and painted woods, aluminum and many plastics (with the exception of PP, PE, PFTE).

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1,47 € Without VAT

Akfix Universal Transparent Acetic Silicone 280 ml 100E

Format: 280 ml Color: Transparent It is a silicone sealant with monocomponent acetic drying, suitable for sealing in general. It has a very strong adhesion and can be used on the most common non-porous building materials.

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1,38 € Without VAT

Hydraulic Sealant for Fittings 50ml 35A72 SYSTEM Arexons


Format: 50 ml Specific product for sealing all fittings in general up to a diameter of 2 ". Anaerobic product with medium mechanical strength. Guarantees perfect water and gas tightness. Increases the structural solidity of the joint and prevents any vibration loosening. Protects threads from corrosion and does not run. The excess product can be removed easily. And the joint can be easily disassembled with normal tools (class 1).

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14,56 € Without VAT

Black Black Silicone Gasket Sealer 200ml Arexons


Format: 200 ml Color: Black Seal for sealing the engine oil sump, dynamic joints, water pumps, differentials, gearboxes and wherever there is to replace a preformed gasket. Replaces all gaskets in cork, felt, paper, silicone, rubber, etc., of any size.

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17,03 € Without VAT