Silicone Sealant Acrylic K2F 545 Wood Concrete Drywall Mortar Brick

Single-component sealant based on acrylic resins in water dispersion. Excellent adhesion on porous surfaces. Paintable, resistant to aging and solvent-free. Once hardened it resists water (no immersion) and moisture. Application temperature: from + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C Color: Gray

1,53 € VAT included
1,25 € Without VAT

Heat Resistant Red Acetal Reticulation Sealant 310ml Torggler

Format: 310 ml Acetic cross-linking silicone sealant, characterized by a high resistance to heat up to temperatures of 300 ° C, maintains unaltered elasticity and a perfect seal. Red.

7,72 € VAT included
6,33 € Without VAT

Multifiss Liquid Waterproofing Primer White 1 kg Prochimica


Last generation, single-component waterproofing, ready to use, odorless, based on hybrid dipoles with a high elasticity of 400%, applicable on many substrates, even humid, creating a protective barrier against water both indoors and outdoors; of primer provided that the support is compact, otherwise consolidate the support with specific products. During outdoor application, it is not necessary to protect the product from water for drying.

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14,19 € Without VAT

Seal Acrylic Painters Maurer ml.310 Murofort cod. 99419 White


Size: 310 ml Granular acrylic sealant for plaster MAURER PLUS MUROFORT ready to use for indoor and outdoor applications: for cracks, slits, plaster, skirting board and coverings White color - 310 ml cartridge

2,89 € VAT included
2,37 € Without VAT

Sealstick Sealing Tape Plate 3x10 mm

Sold to the meter. SEALSTICK "gray sealant drawn in flat sections - ideal for sealing between different types of metal and for window frames Tape dimensions: 3x10 mm

1,05 € VAT included
0,86 € Without VAT

Multifiss Wood Adhesive ml.80 Prochemistry


Size: 80 ml MULTIFISS LEGNO is a high-quality, one-component structural glue for wood constructions with high adhesive strength, waterproof and high mechanical performance, thanks to a brand new technology of polymers (standard D4) that gives high performance glue And make it more resistant to wood.

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6,45 € Without VAT

Acetoxy silicone Silicon 5 Transparent Pattex Art.1534267


Format: 290 ml Color: Transparent silicone sealant transparent acetic to mold test, ideal for sealing of non-porous materials (glass, ceramics), sanitary ware, kitchen sinks, etc.

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1,05 € Without VAT

Togli Silicone Spray ml.400 Eco Service

Eco Service

Format: 400 ml Toglisilicone is the first spray product that eliminates all traces of silicone may scratch the surfaces. Spray the product on residues of silicone, leave and then remove. It contains citrus solvents. It is advisable to test the product on painted surfaces before using it.

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3,11 € Without VAT

Vaseline Oil Spray F73 400ml Faren


Size: 400 ml Lubricates without staining and does not mix dust. Increases smoothness by canceling frictions. Repels moisture from any surface. It has multiple application areas such as lubricant, protective or slippery.

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3,38 € Without VAT

Silicon Spray F72 400ml Faren Oil


Size: 400 ml Lubricates both at low and high temperatures. Excellent anti-slip and anti-crushing effect. Protects and nourishes the tires; offers water-repellent protection on even rubberized fabrics; antioxidant for metals and steels. Odorless and Colorless.

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3,09 € Without VAT