Universal soil Unicum Garden Lt.45 Al.Fe


Universal soil Unicum Garden Lt.45 Al.Fe


Format: 45 Liters UNICUM UNIVERSALE is a substrate of the high quality hobby line, for universal use in gardens and gardens. It can be used in the preparation of seed beds for gardens and gardens, for the maintenance and regeneration of turfgrass and more generally in the management of all green surfaces, presenting excellent qualities also in use in pots and planters. Its properties are due to the particular structure, which derives from the combination of different types of peat (natural), which give it a particular richness of organic substance, with an optimal pH. Its composition is rich in nutritional elements, thanks to the addition of NPK fertilizer, which favors the development and growth of plants. The addition of a particular wetting agent guarantees an excellent water holding capacity (creating a reserve that is always and readily usable), combined with an optimal draining of excess water, always guaranteeing the necessary aeration and considerably reducing the risk of asphyxiation radicals.

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  • Quality substrate. Blend of only peat
  • Period of employment: all year
  • With addition of NPK fertilizer