SikuroTech Trowel Punta Quadra Trowel


Available in various sizes. Small square-shaped trowel trowel with two-component handle.

3,22 € VAT included
2,64 € Without VAT

SikuroTech Round Tip Trowel for Masons


Available in various sizes. Round point trowel for masons with two-component handle.

4,36 € VAT included
3,57 € Without VAT

Trowel for Putty Blade Dentata 28x12 cm 07081 SikuroTech


10x10 toothed blade High quality plastic fork resistant to any impact, ensures lightness and maximum resistance Non-slip thermoplastic rubber handle Size: 28x12 cm

6,80 € VAT included
5,57 € Without VAT

Spatula with two-component handle and SikuroTech stainless steel blade


Available in various sizes Spatula for plasterer, bi-material handle with hole and stainless steel blade

1,21 € VAT included
0,99 € Without VAT

Wall Spatula 50mm Stanley 2-26-713


Spatula with tempered steel blade, with satin finish. Wooden handle. Blade width: 50 mm Cod. 2-26-713

2,57 € VAT included
2,11 € Without VAT

Tekna Stucco trowel toothed blade 28x12 cm 42616 Ausonia


Top quality carbon steel toothed blade Plastic fork of the highest quality resistant to any impact, guarantees lightness and maximum resistance Tekna handle in polypropylene and non-slip thermoplastic rubber Size: Cm 28x12 Weight: 302 g

8,04 € VAT included
6,59 € Without VAT

Rubber Trowel / Blue Sponge 21.5x13.5 cm 42459 Ausonia


Handle and base in anti-impact polystyrene with ergonomic handle and maximum lightness. First quality blue rubber. Size: Cm 21.5x13.5 Weight: 250 g

6,14 € VAT included
5,03 € Without VAT

Trowel Rubber / Orange Sponge cm 21,5x13,5 Extra Soft 42461 Ausonia


Handle and base in anti-impact polystyrene with ergonomic handle Extra-soft orange rubber in first quality and maximum lightness Dimension: Cm 21,5x13,5 Weight: 210 g

6,37 € VAT included
5,22 € Without VAT

Styrofoam Styrofoam - Sponge mm.290x140 091036 Maurer


Styrofoam with sponge base Hydrocell color tobacco. Thickness mm. 40. Measure mm. 290x140.

4,59 € VAT included
3,76 € Without VAT

Bottom Base with Aluminum Rubber

Available in 2 models. Trestle with aluminum base, wood handle, with rubber. Dimensions: 13,5x21 cm Base: aluminum

4,25 € VAT included
3,48 € Without VAT