Enamel Spray 100% Acrylic Shiny & Opaque Arexons 400 ml


Enamel Spray 100% Acrylic Shiny & Opaque Arexons 400 ml


Available in various colors. Format: 400 ml Fast-drying 100% acrylic enamel spray for universal use, to ensure a perfect finish, durability and resistance is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Applied on any surface such as metal, wood, wall, ceramic, glass, paper, cardboard, plastic (after treatment with a special clasp). The product is over-paintable, after complete drying, with any type of paint and has excellent coverage. The presence of a high quantity of resin guarantees high thickness, absence of sagging, a superior brightness and a thick and homogeneous elastic film, even for non-professional applicators. The color is more resistant and there are no yellowing phenomena. Natural solvent, guarantees a controlled drying and a less strong odor when used in poorly ventilated areas.

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