Plotter Spray 500ml Shipyard Ampere System


Plotter Spray 500ml Shipyard Ampere System

Ampere System

Available in 5 fluorescent colors Size: 500 ml The tracker construction low cost, simple, effective. Fluorescent spray paint for marking masonry, floors, asphalt, concrete, wood, etc. High-visibility colors, wear-resistant and weatherproof. CFC-free, with no Lead, Cadmium. The canister is usable in "upside down" in that it is equipped with a special 360 ° valve.

3,65 € VAT included
2.99..PrezzoScontato.ToString("C", MainConfig.StdCultureInfo.it) Without VAT

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  • Water-based paint
  • You are used to "upside down"
  • Fine markings, precise and net on all types of soil
  • quick-drying
  • The colors remain visible for a long time
  • It can be used by hand, but also no dip with a gun or a marking rod.
  • CFC-free, Lead and Cadmium.

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