Pneumatic Nailer Makita AF505N 18GA


Dimensions lxwxh 260x64x237 mm Weight (EPTA) 1,4 kg Nail container capacity 100 Nail length 15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50 mm Air pressure 60 - 115 psi Caliber 18 Ga

119,29 € VAT included
97,78 € Without VAT

Pistola Sparachiodi Hobby Electric 5000579 Rapid


Suitable for staples and flat wire nails. Ergonomic design A manual on / off button for safety

34,82 € VAT included
28,54 € Without VAT

Striker for Nails 8412123 Elematic


Striker for nails, designed with a special ergonomic handle for a better grip and hand protection. Cod. 8412123

29,12 € VAT included
23,87 € Without VAT

Graffatrice Hobby Tacker Rapid


Stapler small and light for home decoration and small repairs. Stitch type: 53 (6-8m) Cod. 23781300

9,55 € VAT included
7,83 € Without VAT

Graffatrice Handy MS610 Rapid


Stapler with die-cast aluminum, for at the end of wire braces. Exclusive of reverse firing technology, particularly useful in the work up or when the nail firing does not rest stably on a surface. Suitable for securing textiles, posters, plates etc. Stitch type: 13, 53 (4-10mm) Cod. 40107318

37,41 € VAT included
30,66 € Without VAT

Graffatrice M10R Fun to Fix Rapid


Fun to Fix stapler with ABS body with bottom loading, arming with steel leaf springs. Ideal for simple decorations and hobby. Socket also suitable for users with smaller hands. Stitch type: 53 (4-8mm) Set of staples provided. Cf Pz.180 Cod. M10R

9,26 € VAT included
7,59 € Without VAT

Stapler Stapler Electric Ecotak 114B Masters

Romeo Maestri

fast electric stapler, light and strong body polymer, electronic cutting edge, patented safety system, long beak, front anti-fingerprint. Handle adaptable to different uses. Warranty: 2 years. Cod. 114BG

71,85 € VAT included
58,89 € Without VAT

Gra ffatrice The datrice Airclarft Aluminium 6-TR150L Stanley Fatmax


Stapler and nailer Aircraft Aluminium with aluminum body, soft grip, lock handle, Easy entry points / nails. Cod. 6-TR150L

19,81 € VAT included
16,24 € Without VAT

Stapler Nailer MS853 Rapid


lightweight clincher, powerful and robust with die-cast aluminum and parts of inner steel consumption. Ergonomic handle with non-slip grip covered with soft material. Professional tool for difficult applications with wire staples and brads end. Cod. MS853

50,79 € VAT included
41,63 € Without VAT

Airtec Pneumatic Nailer Stapler Rapid PBS121


Pneumatic nailer and stapler suitable for narrow crown staples from 12 mm up to 30 mm by 15 mm and nails up to 30 mm. Ideal for durable hardware such as frames, wood paneling, wainscoting, repairs of furniture, chests, wall coverings. Body in die-cast aluminum alloy. Adjustable air vent. Automatic safe. Cod. PBS121

85,72 € VAT included
70,26 € Without VAT