Acrylic Quick Set Adhesive Glue White 310ml 310 Akfix

Format: 310ml Water-based adhesive used for bonding numerous construction materials Suitable for DIY use as it is solvent-free and has a strong adhesive capacity. It has a good filling capacity even on rough surfaces, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, it is resistant to atmospheric agents and can be over-painted.

2,56 € VAT included
2,10 € Without VAT

290ml HIGH TAK Universal Immersion Adhesive Sealant Akfix

Format: 290ml HIGH TACK with initial grip in just 5 seconds Free of isocyanates, silicones and solvents with excellent resistance to UV rays Excellent elasticity and excellent adhesion strength and can be painted over with water-based paints No formation of bubbles in high applications temperatures and in the presence of humidity and no shrinkage

5,20 € VAT included
4,26 € Without VAT

Fast Polyurethane Transparent Adhesive for Assembly 610 Akfix

Available in 2 sizes Quick hardening with short pressure time. . Extreme adhesive capacity on numerous substrates is Tixotropic and does not drip. Ideal for vertical joints. Low consumption, economical and with excellent filling capacity. Conforms to the D4 DIN EN 204 standard. It allows repositioning with excellent resistance to humidity and atmospheric conditions. It does not withdraw and can also be used on wet surfaces.

2,22 € VAT included
1,82 € Without VAT

Polyurethane Sealant For Metal Iron Copper Lead Ceramic Glass High Module Dark Brown P645 Akfix

Format: 310 ml P645 is a monocomponent, high modulus polyurethane sealant that cures in contact with air humidity. It has excellent adhesion on sheet metal, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, lead, copper, ceramic, glass, wood, cement products and many types of plastic materials. Property Permanently flexible. Does not shrink - Exceptional thixotropy. It is not sticky / It does not absorb dirt and dust. Does not change volume. Good storage stability. Easy to apply, easy to pull and smooth. It can be painted. Application Construction and bodywork repair for cars, containers, caravans etc. Sealing and gluing of ventilation ducts, gutters etc. Sealing sheet metal joints. Reduces vibrations in all processes and assembly of metal structures. Sealing against water, air, gas and dust infiltration. Sealing of floor joints.

2,32 € VAT included
1,90 € Without VAT

Adesivo Strutturale Kostrufiss Rapid Strong Evolution Prochimica


Available in 2 sizes.
Color: Beige

KOSTRUFISS RAPID EVOLUTION STRONG is a one component adhesive solvent free. It produces a filling effect for bonding strong GUARANTEED 20 YEARS, even on uneven surfaces. It hardens in the presence of moisture in the air or in humid residue of the base material. Hardens quickly, does not drip, it can be applied inverticale and is painted over and sanded. It represents the highest technology for shipbuilding, carpentry, construction, joinery and industry in general.

6,41 € VAT included
5,25 € Without VAT

Adhesive mounting BINDFIX 125gr BINDULIN Collmon


Format: 125g BINDFIX is an adhesive mounting beige ready for use. It is water-based and contains no solvents or formaldehyde. It is used in construction and carpentry.

3,54 € VAT included
2,90 € Without VAT

Assembly Sticker MilleChiodi Forte & Rapido Original Pattex


Available in 3 sizes. Acrylic mounting adhesive characterized by a considerable initial adhesive strength (suction effect). The easy solution to mount without using screws, nails, drills and hammers: it's so simple that anyone can do it! It can also be applied to damp and non-smooth surfaces, remains elastic over time and does not give off any odor. For fast and reliable results!

3,77 € VAT included
3,09 € Without VAT

Structural adhesive Kostrufiss Translucent Prochimica


Available in 2 sizes. Color: Translucent Transparent KOSTRUFISS TRANSLUCENT is a professional adhesive with rapid hardening, for permanent structural bonds. Fully paintable, it is odorless and free of solvents. Kostrufiss is resistant to water, corrosion and weathering.

6,41 € VAT included
5,25 € Without VAT

Instant Adhesive Superfiss White Prochimica


Available in 2 sizes. Color: White SUPERFISS is a professional adhesive with a strong and fast setting (3/2). Thanks to the effect suction cup, it is not necessary to use supports during the assembly phase of the materials. The product polymerizes on contact with atmospheric moisture, gluing and sealing instantly any material in a safe and long-lasting.

6,86 € VAT included
5,62 € Without VAT

Sealant adhesive Diving Multifiss Prochimica


Color: Transparent, White, Black, Gray Available in 2 sizes. MULTIFISS is the adhesive sealant immersion par excellence, powerful and professional. And 'solvent-free, paintable, and it is also perfectly able to paste in diving! Multifiss, professional sealant for all your needs!

6,86 € VAT included
5,62 € Without VAT