Make Tu Putty for Metal 200gr 3009 Arexons


Format: 200 gr Stucco for metals, steel, stainless steel, zinc treated steel, aluminum and related alloys. Suitable for filling holes and reconstructing missing parts on metal supports. Tenacious, medium hard and very adhesive. Well water resistant, it can be sanded with an orbital sander. Exposed to infrared radiation it can withstand up to 90 ° C. Code 3009

5,42 € VAT included
4,44 € Without VAT

Hardener for Stucco Metals 30gr White Maurer


Format: 30 gr Maurer Plus hardener specific for stuccos for metals and fiberglass. White color

1,27 € VAT included
1,04 € Without VAT

Stucco Wood gr.125 Multichimica


Available in 6 colors. Format: 125 gr. Putty to fill, repair and grouting on wood. High filling capacity, withstanding natural expansion and contraction of the wood, while maintaining his physicality on grouted imperfections. The perfect surface adhesion, and easy sanding make it perfect for subsequent over- painting mounting. Odorless water-based, it is ready al'uso and fast drying, for indoor and outdoor use.

2,37 € VAT included
1,94 € Without VAT

Stucco Marble Straw gr.200 Arexons 3001


Size: 200 grams filler for the repair of stone and marble, to rebuild or paste stone or marble artifacts even on vertical surfaces without sagging to occur. After hardening it has the appearance and hardness similar to marble, and can be worked and polished like stone. It hardens quickly by the addition of the catalyst.

5,42 € VAT included
4,44 € Without VAT

White glazing putty to Kg.1 Art.766630

Format: 1 kg Stucco glass used to fill, avoid leakage of air or water and eliminate troublesome vibrations. Suitable for iron or wood doors, windows, fixtures, etc. White color

3,07 € VAT included
2,52 € Without VAT

Hardener for Stucco 20ml White

Format: 20 ml special hardener putty for metal and fiberglass. White color

1,51 € VAT included
1,24 € Without VAT

Stucco in Polvere 5Kg Edilbriko Maurer 086267


Format: 5 Kg Putty powder to fill holes in walls, wood - Fill cracks - attacking rosettes.

4,71 € VAT included
3,86 € Without VAT

Stucco Light Edilbriko Maurer


Available in 2 sizes. Lightweight stucco in paste, for wood and wall plastering. He does not withdraw and does not crack, can be painted. For indoor and outdoor use.

2,14 € VAT included
1,75 € Without VAT

Riparatutto Pasta Express Moldable 48gr Pattex


Format: 48 gr Pattex Riparatutto Express is a two component epoxy paste adhesive moldable. Ideal to repair / seal holes and cracks in systems, tanks, ducts, radiators, boilers and pipes without emptying. It is also suitable for bonding / rebuild friezes and statues.

6,62 € VAT included
5,43 € Without VAT

Rapid Repair Stucco Wood 80gr Pattex


Available in 2 colors. Format: 80 gr. Stucco quick strong and flexible adhesive with a new formulation based on water, particularly suitable for filling holes, cracks and crevices, for the reconstruction of small missing parts of all types of wood. Once dry, it can be sanded, painted and polished. 2 colors: light and dark. Any type of wood you want to repair, the adhesive Pattex Special Wood Restoration is formulated to do so in a sustainable way. Pattex Wood Restoration is available in 2 versions: light and dark; You can be created by mixing different shades to get closer to the desired wood color.

2,82 € VAT included
2,31 € Without VAT