Knocker Art arrest. 470 IBFM


Swing arrest galvanized steel.

2,87 € VAT included
2,35 € Without VAT

Swing of Stop Cement to 169 Comunello


Pouring cement, for control of the end swing gates race. Cod. 169

4,22 € VAT included
3,46 € Without VAT

Swing Earth with flange VC5102.090 FAC


Swing on the ground with flange for gates with 2 doors staring. Cod. VC5102.090

8,80 € VAT included
7,21 € Without VAT

Swing Stop plate with 4 golds staring VA4102.101 FAC


Swing stop plate with 4 holes to fix. Cod. VA4102.101

10,47 € VAT included
8,58 € Without VAT

Swing door-meeting with plate 4 holes Electric locks Fix VC5211.040 FAC


Swing-door meeting with plate 4 holes for electric locks to fix Cod. VC5211.040

16,26 € VAT included
13,33 € Without VAT

Swing Stop Solder VA4101 FAC


Available in 2 sizes. V throat wheel with ball bearing grease and pin. Cod. VA4101

2,76 € VAT included
2,26 € Without VAT