Snow Shovel in Heavy Printed Aluminum

Snow shovel in heavy molded aluminum, supplied without handle. Size: 48x33 cm

9,25 € VAT included
7,58 € Without VAT

Agef Light Aluminum Snow Shovel


Light aluminum snow shovel, supplied without handle. Measure: 32.5x42x50 cm Weight: 0.62 Kg Art.205E / 0A0A0000

7,77 € VAT included
6,37 € Without VAT

German Garden Shovel 23x29,5x36cm Agef


German shovel for tilling the land, cleaning the garden, taking care of the vegetable garden, transplanting Supplied without handle Measurements: 23x29.5x36 cm Weight: 1.02 Kg Art.5082 / 0A0S0000

4,77 € VAT included
3,91 € Without VAT

Folding Snow Flake

FIREWALL FLAME D / VETR.MAN./ PIEGH.ART.35PF Snow shovel with folding handle - fiberglass

23,74 € VAT included
19,46 € Without VAT

Hardened Steel shovel with Shoulder 2040140 Handy


Shovel in hardened steel with shoulder, provided with handle. For dirt, gravel and heavy materials. Wear-resistant high-strength steel. It equipped to handle biverniciato 140 cm - Ø mm.38.

13,29 € VAT included
10,89 € Without VAT

Shovel Snow Without Profile

Shovel snow without polypropylene profile, supplied without handle. Assorted colors.

3,87 € VAT included
3,17 € Without VAT

Snow shovel with aluminum profile

Shovel snow polypropylene with aluminum profile, supplied without handle. Assorted colors.

5,04 € VAT included
4,13 € Without VAT

Snow Folding shovel

folding shovel polyamide reinforced with glass fiber to obtain maximum robustness and resistance. Folded size: 50 cm Handle: 71 cm Shovel: 23 x 28 cm

21,63 € VAT included
17,73 € Without VAT

Shovel Snow Aluminum Art.54 / 1


Aluminum snow shovel, delivered without handle.

7,86 € VAT included
6,44 € Without VAT

Shovel in Punta hardened with handle 084,660 Ausonia


In shovel of pressed steel, hardened to DIN standards. Epoxy coated. Length. Handle: 1400 mm Weight: 1980 g Cod. 84660

10,87 € VAT included
8,91 € Without VAT