ORTOFLEX Tenax Polypropylene Bird Netting for Plant Protection

Available in various sizes. Square mesh netting which, laid on structures or directly on crops, protects seeds, vegetables and fruit trees from attack by birds, without harming them in any way. Light but resistant, it settles easily.

3,34 € VAT included
2,74 € Without VAT

Mastic for Grafting and Plant Wounds 500 gr MaXtice Al.Fe


Format: 500 gr. AL.FE mastic can be used on all tree crops to heal all types of grafting and any wounds due to cuts, prunings or atmospheric agents.

6,65 € VAT included
5,45 € Without VAT

Putty for grafts and wounds 500 gr Green Fitobalsam

Mondo Verde

Format: 500 gr. FITOBALSAM is a putty for brushable grafts which, thanks to the association of elastic film-forming resins, vegetable oil, softening, healing and pH regulators, exerts a protective, healing and healing function on plant wounds caused by pruning, grafts or accidental breakage.

5,36 € VAT included
4,39 € Without VAT

Set 3 Inflatable Scarecrow Balls AG0105 Ribimex


Set of 3 inflatable vinyl balloons. Thickness 0.18 mm. Ø 50/40 cm.

12,81 € VAT included
10,50 € Without VAT

Gomitolo tube Diam.2,5mm 1 Kg for Ligature Fruit Plants

Green PVC tube in twisted ball of yarn with good elasticity, for ligatures of fruit plants Diameter: 2.5 mm Weight: 1 kg

3,57 € VAT included
2,93 € Without VAT

11 mm Green Tape Roll for Ama Automatic Tying Machine


Green ribbon roll to bind small and medium-sized shrubs, grasses, shoots, legumes, vegetables, etc. Length: 26 meters Width: 11 mm

0,52 € VAT included
0,43 € Without VAT

RG-M Star® Wolf Garten Adjustable Fruit Collection Bag

Wolf Garten

The multi-star® RG-M rotating fruit collection system simplifies fruit harvesting thanks to the individual adjustment of the working angle and the cutting edge of the integrated stainless steel blade. The basket with a diameter of about 13 cm allows the collection of large fruits, while the removable cotton washable bag ensures a simple cleaning. Handle not included.

16,08 € VAT included
13,18 € Without VAT

Mastic for grafts and wounds gr.500 Arbokol

Format: 500 gr. Mastic for grafts grafts, protects the plants during pruning or wounds, facilitating cicatrization. It does not contain phytotoxic principles.

5,87 € VAT included
4,81 € Without VAT

Cannetta Reggipiante mm.16 x cm.210

Mondo Verde

Dimensions: Ø mm 16 x cm 210 h. Hot-melted steel plunger rods with completely sealed structure and therefore anti-rust. This, in addition to lasting years, also makes it impossible to develop molds or bacteria typical of wood products. The structure is fully covered longitudinally with embossed ribbons both to facilitate the ligature of the plants and to prevent the ligature from rolling along the barrel. They are suitable for nursery plants, orchards, crops, decorative plants etc.

2,14 € VAT included
1,75 € Without VAT

Stretch for Plastified Steel Garden 105x60 cm

Mondo Verde

Hot-plastic plated steel arch with fully sealed and anti-rust structure. Dimensions: 105x60 cm Diameter: 11 mm

1,73 € VAT included
1,42 € Without VAT