Thermometers, hygrometers, Rain Gauge



Wooden Wall Thermometer for Interior Without Mercury 95321 Maurer


Wall walnut thermometer without mercury with alcohol-based capillary Size: mm.200x40 Ideal for indoor environments

3,48 € VAT included
2,85 € Without VAT

Internal and External Digital Wall Thermometer 98465 Maurer


Wall capillary digital plastic mercury thermometer Equipped with a min-max indicator and humidity, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor environments. Measurements: 200x80 mm

14,04 € VAT included
11,51 € Without VAT

Round Thermometer for Refrigerator -50 ° 98466 Maurer


Round Thermometer for Refrigerator -50 ° without mercury Size: 213x26x17 mm

2,96 € VAT included
2,43 € Without VAT

FMHT0-77422 Stanley Infrared Thermometer


Accuracy: from ± 2.0 ° C to ± 5 ° C, depending on the temperature Ratio focal point distance 20 to 1 - allows the user to detect the temperature of a surface of 25 mm diameter at a distance of 500 meters of use: from -50 ° to + 1350 ° Black liquid crystal display, backlit Laser pointer key and brightness, for non-contact measurements and for measuring in Fahrenheit, button for measuring in Celsius Durable and durable structure in ABS and rubber soft Emissivity default 0.95 - it is possible to adjust the instrument according to the emissivity of the material Uses 1 9V battery (contained in the handle) Resistant to water and dust (IP54), shows current, minimum, maximum and average and last temperature temperature measured in memory

115,19 € VAT included
94,42 € Without VAT

Humidity Laser Meter Art.0-77-030 Stanley


Suitable for measuring humidity on surfaces with percentages ranging from 0.2% to 2% Liquid crystal display. Upper end (which detects moisture) with impact protection Automatic switch-off after 3 minutes of non-use Comparative table with different degrees of humidity of different materials

45,12 € VAT included
36,98 € Without VAT

Thermometer Wooden 101405 Möller-Therm


Thermometer monocolumn natural wood. For indoor and outdoor.

2,04 € VAT included
1,67 € Without VAT

Hygrometer Aluminium mm.85

aluminum hygrometer for measuring the relative air humidity. Dimensions: Ø 85 mm

12,02 € VAT included
9,85 € Without VAT

Wooden thermometer 101405 Möller-Therm


standard wooden thermometer. Dimensions: 190x40 mm

2,82 € VAT included
2,31 € Without VAT

Termometro in ABS 101032 Möller-Therm


standard thermometer with ABS body. Dimensions: 205x40 mm

2,15 € VAT included
1,76 € Without VAT

Rain gauge


The rain gauge is an instrument used to measure the amount of rainfall.
Size: 240 x 85 mm

3,46 € VAT included
2,84 € Without VAT