Oximeter to Measure Blood Oxygenation A3 Heal Force


Oximeter to Measure Blood Oxygenation A3 Heal Force


The A3Heal Force pulse oximeter has six main benefits namely multi-parameter monitoring, limit alarm, 5-second test for value output, four-way rotation, intelligent energy saving and internationally recognized certificates. It can track your health for quite a long time, including your PI, PR and SpO2. The measurement range is 35% to 99% and the measurement accuracy is 90% to 99% ± 1%

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  • 1.04 inch color LCD display (including strings and instructions)
  • You can view blood oxygen saturation, plus rate, blood perfusion index, blood oxygen volume waveform and pulse intensity histogram.
  • Four-way rotating display.
  • Intelligent power saving, no operation after 8 seconds automatically in standby mode
  • Accurate monitoring In case of weak perfusion ≤0.4%
  • Physiological alarm, automatically change the display color when the parameters are abnormal
  • Low power indicator