Thinners, Solvents



Universal Paint Remover Paint Remover for Wood Iron Painting 750ml 99573 Maurer


Liquid paint stripper ready to use product, indicated for the removal of any type of paint, recommended also for vertical surfaces. It is particularly suitable for stripping wooden supports but it can also be used on iron. White viscous liquid is easily Flammable

5,98 € VAT included
4,90 € Without VAT

Universal and Mural Paint Remover Extraforte Without Methylene Chloride Iron Wood Masonry DRW300 2BM


Available in various formats. Universal semifluid extra strong paint stripper without methylene chloride, rapid, specific for vertical applications. Removes nitro, polyurethane, synthetic, epoxy, oil, polyester, acrylic paints etc. and adhesives for wood. Effective even on thick and aged layers. FIELDS OF APPLICATION Masonry Iron Wood

4,71 € VAT included
3,86 € Without VAT

Universal Stripper Paint Remover for Iron Wood Painting 750ml Stripper


Ideal for stripping indoor and outdoor wall paint, solvent and water enamels, wood and iron. It is a transparent gel that can be applied vertically. It is not caustic FREE FROM DICHLOROMETHANE

4,03 € VAT included
3,30 € Without VAT

Thinner Nitro Anti-fog Mr Blue 25 lt Art.1905 Multichimica


Nitro anti-fog thinner formulated for the dilution of nitro and nitrosynthetic paints. Thanks to an optimal evaporation it allows to obtain good distension of the painting product and to enhance its brilliance. It is also excellent as a washing product. It can be used by brush, pad or immersion.

39,53 € VAT included
32,40 € Without VAT

Trielina Trielclor 1 Liter Sprintchimica


Format: 1 Liter Ideal for staining fabrics, carpets and leathers, it is excellent as a stain remover and cold degreaser. (It is advisable to try the product on a small surface to pervert the compatibility with the fabric)

5,45 € VAT included
4,47 € Without VAT

Acquaragia White Spirit 150 Lt.1


Size: 1 Liter Specific product for the dilution of synthetic enamels, oleosynthetics, oil paints, anti-rust and opaque paint. It improves application with brush and spray, enhancing its brilliance. Great for cleaning brushes.

2,40 € VAT included
1,97 € Without VAT

Synthetic Diluent VM Lt.1 Sprintchimica


Size: 1 Liter Specific diluent for synthetic and oleosynthetic glazes, flattings, anti-rust, base products, impregnants and enamels with air-drying. It allows a better application of the paints both brush and spray.

2,46 € VAT included
2,02 € Without VAT

Thinner Nitro Lights 2013 Sprintchimica


Available in 2 sizes. Thinner nitro fog particularly suitable for nitrocellulose coatings.

2,01 € VAT included
1,65 € Without VAT

Synthetic Thinner VM Lt.5 Sprintchimica


Format: 5 L Specific thinner for synthetic paints and oleo, flattings, rust inhibitors, cross products, primers and enamels with essciccazione air. It allows a better application of paints with a brush or spray.

11,79 € VAT included
9,66 € Without VAT

Lampante oil Lt.1 Multichimica


Format: 1 liter mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from the distillation of petroleum fractions, is used for lighting, for domestic purposes, such as degreaser for surfaces and is an excellent solvent for waxes. also used for dilution of synthetic paints and oleosintetiche, it gives to the same maximum dilation and gloss. Thanks to the high solvent power can also be used to clean guns, brushes and dirty paint tools. The rate of evaporation of the product is low-medium. For its purity features the product is stable and does not deteriorate.

3,38 € VAT included
2,77 € Without VAT