Woodpecker Oval Ash handle for Zappino 140 cm

Oval woodpecker ash handle for zappino Length: 140 cm Measurements: 39x25 mm

3,89 € VAT included
3,19 € Without VAT

Handle for Dark Split Type Rinaldi cm.100 Art.109 A & G


Split handle for splitting. maximum eye section: 60 x 35 mm. Length: cm. 100

2,57 € VAT included
2,11 € Without VAT

Pickaxe handle in Beechwood 4,2x5,7x100 cm Corfer

Beech handle for picks Size: 4.2x5.7x100 cm

2,89 € VAT included
2,37 € Without VAT

Long handle Piccone 38x58x1050 mm

Beechwood handle for picks Size: 38x58x1050 mm

3,37 € VAT included
2,76 € Without VAT

Woodpecker Wood Handle for Shovel and Fork

Woodpecker wooden handle for shovel and fork. Available in various sizes.

2,82 € VAT included
2,31 € Without VAT

Handle Aluminum Multi-star® Wolf Garten ZMI 15 3938020

Wolf Garten

Length: 144 cm. Aluminum handle, light and very stable. Ideal in combination with tools mini multi-star and tools for the multi-star cleaning. Not compatible with DR-M 3in1 rakes, snow shovels SR-M 60 multi-star

10,38 € VAT included
8,51 € Without VAT

Mini Manico Multi-star® ZM 30 Wolf Garten 3947030

Wolf Garten

Length: 25 cm. Mini ergonomic handle for all multi-star ® Mini tools. Optimal adaptation to the shape of the hand.

4,01 € VAT included
3,29 € Without VAT

Handle Nylon Fiber for Badine 140cm

fiber nylon handle for shovel. Length: 140 cm.

13,01 € VAT included
10,66 € Without VAT

Shovel Handle Shovel mm.1400


straight universal handle for spade and shovel, in beech wood. Length: 1400 mm

2,26 € VAT included
1,85 € Without VAT

Handle for Zappa mm.1200


Handles for hoes and Zappini, with round eye. Diameter: 30 mm. Length; 1200 mm

1,93 € VAT included
1,58 € Without VAT