LED Emergency Lamp Rechargeable Lithium Battery 52683 Maurer


Portable emergency lamp with 2 lighting modes: 100/150 lumens, which, when connected to the mains, turns on automatically in the event of a power failure Can be installed on the wall

14,36 € VAT included
11,77 € Without VAT

Torch Magnetic Folding LED Lamp with Magnet 3W 210 Lumen 54036 Maurer


3W magnetic folding led lamp torch. Art.54036 Maurer

5,62 € VAT included
4,61 € Without VAT

Replacement Screen 3pcs for Gas Lamp 100W 61335 Papillon


Replacement Screen for Gas Lamp 100W 61335 Papillon Cf. 3pcs

1,89 € VAT included
1,55 € Without VAT

LED Lamp with Magnifying Glass Table for Beautician LE004LED MAGNIFIER4 Velamp


Magnifying table lamp for manual work, 3-12 diopters. Perfect for beautician and jobs like sewing, reading, working, tinkering, precision mechanics, repairing watches, etc.

40,21 € VAT included
32,96 € Without VAT

Flashlight Portable Led Emergency Light Anti Black Out Rechargeable 5W IR666 Velamp


Professional rechargeable led headlight torch Power: 5 W It turns on automatically in the event of a blackout

38,60 € VAT included
31,64 € Without VAT

Battery Led Flashlight 1W 12V 1,5Ah BLL 12C A&G


Led battery torch 1W 12V 1,5Ah> Supplied without battery and charger Art. BLL 12C A&G

Mini Flashlight Led Portable Lamp 50 Lumens IP44 Handy 50 Kodak

Mini portable battery-powered LED torch Mod.Handy KODAK Equipped with 3 lighting systems: 100% - 50% and Flash

2,54 € VAT included
2,08 € Without VAT

Torch Front Lamp FATMAX® FMHT81509-0 Stanley


Ray of light up to a distance of 30 meters with motion sensor, the light is activated by passing a hand near the torch. Adjustable band 2 settings: low (50 lumens) and high (200 lumens) Autonomy: up to 24 hours in low mode Contains 3 AAA batteries

25,62 € VAT included
21,00 € Without VAT

Portable lamp mt.10 092820 Maurer


Portable reflector lamp and metal cage - with switch. 10 meters cable.

8,89 € VAT included
7,29 € Without VAT

Waterproof Rechargeable Led Lamp Waterproof BL80 Bahco


Portable LED lamp, rechargeable, wireless. Triple layer construction. Resistant to temperatures, oil and chemicals. Autonomy: 3.5 hours. Charging time: 1.5 h (Ni-Mh). LUX: 2000. Waterproof classification: IP 54.

79,90 € VAT included
65,49 € Without VAT