Spiral hose for Irrigation Watering with 15mt Papillon fittings


Length: 15 meters Pipe section: mm.10x12 Extensible spiral hose for watering PAPILLON Suitable for terraces and small gardens, does not require a hose reel complete with quick couplings

11,83 € VAT included
9,70 € Without VAT

Boomerang Ribimex Extensible Pipe Repair Kit


Connection for the repair of all the tubes in the Boomerang range. Blocking the tube by means of a compression system.

3,93 € VAT included
3,22 € Without VAT

Boomerang Extensible Pipe 20-60 meters PRTEX60NAL Ribimex


Length: 20-60 m Supplied with a 7-function adjustable multi-jet gun, 2 quick couplings and a 20x27 (3/4 '') tap with a 15x21 (1/2 '') reduction. Double latex tube with inner lining in polyester fabric with incorporated elastic thread. Inner tube fixed with an aluminum band to ensure total tightness. Ideal for the balcony, the terrace, the garden, the camper, the car and the boat. Triple its length (it passes from 20 to 60 meters). Cod. PRTEX60NAL

79,89 € VAT included
65,48 € Without VAT

Anti-sweat Garden hose 5/8 "-15 mt Papillon


Knitted anti knot hose PAPILLON SPRINTECH produced with soft & flex technology. It guarantees flexibility and lightness, without phthalates, anti-algae, resistant to UV rays and resistant to low (-15 °) and high (60 ° C) temperatures.

14,95 € VAT included
12,25 € Without VAT

1/4 "Claber Capillary Tube Picket 15pc


Ideal for permanently attaching the 1/4 "(4 - 6 mm) capillary tube in the ground of the garden or in the ground of the terrace pots.

4,22 € VAT included
3,46 € Without VAT

Tubo Irrigazione Antialga mt.25 NTS-WINTECH 1"


Length: 25 meters Diameter: 1 "Irrigation tube" NTS WINTECH "Anti-Algae Use patented FITT NTS (No Torsion System) patented helix fabric-reinforced textile tile hinged knobs No knots, no folds, easy to use and a Constant flow of water, resistant to high pressures up to 30 bar, flexible and easy to handle, 30 years warranty Operating temperature -20 ° C / + 60 ° C

61,15 € VAT included
50,12 € Without VAT

Dripping Wing ø17 mm mt.50

Dripping wax with self-cleaning paddle. Diameter of the tube: 17 mm Nominal dripping capacity: 2 Lt / h Distance between drippers: 30 cm Hose length: 50 meters Hose material: polyethylene

15,19 € VAT included
12,45 € Without VAT

Dripping Wing ø17 mm mt.25

Dripping wax with self-cleaning paddle. Diameter of tube: 17 mm Nominal flow rate: 2 Lt / h Distance between drippers: 30 cm Hose length: 25 meters Hose material: polyethylene

7,63 € VAT included
6,25 € Without VAT

Extendable Flexible Hose for Irrigation SikuroTech


Available in 4 sizes. Hose for watering soft, strong, resistant. Complete with fittings with quick and gun for plastic irrigation. Expandable to 3 times its minimum size. Suitable for: watering gardens, washing bikes, cars, etc. Orange Colour.

9,76 € VAT included
8,00 € Without VAT

Lancia irrigation with Coiled Tube and socket Spiral Kit Basic 9034 Claber


coiled hose full of gun and fittings, ideal for use on balconies, terraces, small gardens, boating and camping. Thanks to the quality of materials and its spiral shape the tube always returns to its original shape after use.

16,56 € VAT included
13,57 € Without VAT