Spray Glue 400ml 6in1 Help for Fabrics Leather Cork Paper Aluminum Metal 4316 Arexons


Format: 400 ml 6IN1 HELP GLUE SPRAY is the ideal and convenient product to use for any gluing need; in fact, thanks to its formulation it can be used both in permanent bonding mode and in "temporary" mode and therefore removable.

8,66 € VAT included
7,10 € Without VAT

LOCTITE Glue Super Attak Precision XL 10g

Super Attak - Loctite

Format: 10 gr Super Attak Liquid is Loctite's versatile and reliable glue, it is fast and strong and has a range that will allow you to get a quick job in any situation. Resistant to all conditions: Water and dishwasher, shocks and temperatures between -50 ° C and 120 ° C

8,45 € VAT included
6,93 € Without VAT

LOCTITE Super Attak POWER FLEX for Rubber Plastic Leather Wood Porcelain 3g

Super Attak - Loctite

Format: 3 gr LOCTITE Super Attak POWER FLEX ideal for porous and vertical surfaces, and suitable for extreme conditions. The strong formula of the gel does not drip, it dries transparently to form invisible bonds resistant to time and shocks. For hard-to-reach spots, Super Attak Power Flex gel provides a handy tube with spout for precise applications. Anti-clogging cap. Extra strong formula ideal for precise and flexible applications. It does not run. Resistant to time and shock Remove excess glue with a knife or razor.

3,54 € VAT included
2,90 € Without VAT

LOCTITE Super Attak per Vetro 3g

Super Attak - Loctite

Format: 3 gr Specific instant adhesive, glue glass with glass and metal in a minute without the help of sunlight or UV rays. Thanks to its formula, Super Attak Glass allows you to glue glass and crystals of any thickness and especially of any color. Thanks to a transparent composition, it does not leave halos guaranteeing invisible bonding. It is also resistant to water, detergents and high temperatures (it resists even in the dishwasher).

3,40 € VAT included
2,79 € Without VAT

LOCTITE Drop everything Super Attak 5g

Super Attak - Loctite

Format: 5 gr Remove Glue is the ideal solution for most of the problems arising from the use of glue. It can remove any cyanoacrylate (such as Super Attak) and other types of glue from poorly glued objects, stained surfaces, fabrics, adhesive. Suitable for eliminating traces of labels, it finishes smudge gluing. Thanks to its gel formula, it does not drip and adheres easily to vertical surfaces.

4,75 € VAT included
3,89 € Without VAT

LOCTITE Super Attak Precision 5g

Super Attak - Loctite

Size: 5 gr Easy-to-use liquid instant adhesive thanks to the special nozzle, can be optimally dosed by applying a slight pressure on the bottle or tube. The hood is equipped with an anti-fill needle: this way the product does not dry, does not spill and is always ready for use. Ideal for bonding rubber, metal, ceramic, wood, leather, leather and various types of plastic (except PE, PP, PTFE).

4,81 € VAT included
3,94 € Without VAT

100% Repair Gel 20g Pattex


Universal gel adhesive for small repairs. Strong in every situation, in and out of home. • Maximum concentrated force on reduced surfaces; • Does not run, it is ideal for vertical or precise applications; • Filling power; • Transparent, for a perfect finish; • Fruit of Henkel's Flextec technology; • Certified by TUV.

5,19 € VAT included
4,25 € Without VAT

Super Glue Adhesive Claw 620

Available in 2 sizes. Adhesives Claw 620 neoprene super low viscosity, excellent spreadability, good resistance to heat and moisture and repairs for general uses. Ideal on: leather, felt, cork, plastic, rubber.

1,39 € VAT included
1,14 € Without VAT

Contact adhesive Bostik Super Light GEL


Size: 750 ml Universal contact adhesive and superforte GEL. It does not run or drip is ideal for vertical applications. Ideal for bonding: wood, cardboard, rubber, foam rubber, leather, linoleum, cork, various types of plastic, felt and polyester foam to themselves or chipboards, cement, wood, masonry, raw metal. Phenomenal of plastic laminates. It does not run or drip is ideal for vertical applications.

11,72 € VAT included
9,61 € Without VAT

Universal adhesive Contact Uniko 60ml Teknica


Format: 60 ml Adhesive Universal neoprene contact, for bonding plastic laminates, wood and the like, rubber, non-slip and sports flooring, PVC and coatings, anti-slip steps, cork, linoleum, canvas etc. Also ideal on metal in general, sponge rubber, on cement walls, marble, stones smoothed, general purpose bonding in the marine and automotive industries, etc.

2,35 € VAT included
1,93 € Without VAT