Plastic Key for Spare Filter PRFILCLE2 Ribimex


Plastic Key for Spare Filter PRFILCLE2 Ribimex

3,38 € VAT included
2,77 € Without VAT

Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Solids and Liquids 1200W 60Lt PRASP61LX2 Ribimex


The solid and liquid vacuum cleaner PRASP61LX2 Ribimex with 60 liter capacity is made of stainless steel and can be overturned for easy emptying. Ideal for the garage, the cellar, the workshop sucks up both water and dust and has integrated the blowing function.

259,74 € VAT included
212,90 € Without VAT

3pc. Paper Bag Filter for Vacuum Cleaner PRASP25L and PRASP31LPE Ribimex PRASP253 / F


Paper bag filter, for Ribimex aspirators. Pack of 3 bags. For vacuum cleaners: PRASP25L and PRASP30LPE

5,64 € VAT included
4,62 € Without VAT

Replacement Filter for Vacuum Cleaner PRASP61LX2 and PRASP81LX3 Ribimex PRASP61 / F


Replacement filter for Ribimex vacuum cleaners For vacuum cleaners: PRASP61LX2 and PRASP81LX3

11,39 € VAT included
9,34 € Without VAT

Self-extinguishing prefilter for Ribimex Ashtray PRCEN000 / CF


Self-extinguishing prefilter for antistatic aspiracene to avoid obstructing the HEPA filter and making it easier to clean it.

5,49 € VAT included
4,50 € Without VAT

1000W 15lt 1000W Solid Powder and Liquid Dust Extractor Ribimex


Solid and liquid aspirators 15 l stainless steel - 1000w ideal for cleaning the garage, basement, workshop and machine. Equipped with a blowing function.

42,27 € VAT included
34,65 € Without VAT

Wet & Dry 1400W CV 30 X Comet Powder and Liquid Aspirator


Solid and liquid aspirator CV 30 X Comet Power: 1400W (Max 1600) Volt: 220/240 - Hz 50/60 Total: 30 lt Powders: 20 lt Liquids: 24 lt Features: Silenced motor Double electrical insulation Suction system with by-cooling pass Stainless steel barrel 4 pivoting wheels Professional metal hooks Shockproof trolley Float valve Supply cable 4 m Accessories Ø 35

117,77 € VAT included
96,53 € Without VAT

Vacuum Cleaner Liquid and Solid Vacuum L-Class VC4210LX Makita


The vacuum cleaner Makita VC4210LX is a professional tool designed for heavy use even in harsh environments such as on site or workshop for both dust and liquids. This vacuum cleaner is made with a compact body to facilitate transport and handling and with a robust, impact-resistant plastic bin even in less safe environments. Particularly suitable for heavy use such as the creation of traces or sanding thanks to the automatic filter cleaning system which shakes the filter every 30 seconds while keeping the suction performance constant.

720,17 € VAT included
590,30 € Without VAT

Ashtray Cenerill 1000W PRCEN001 Ribimex


Cenerilll is the 1000W ash-cleaner bin, created to suck the cold ash of fireplaces or stoves. Equipped with lacquered sheet metal structure with transport handle and interchangeable filter with reset lever. Capacity: 18 Liters Engine: 230 V ~ 50 Hz - 800 W Cod. PRCEN001

35,61 € VAT included
29,19 € Without VAT

5pz. Filter Paper Bag for Aspirator PRASP10L Ribimex


Paper bag filter, for Ribimex vacuum cleaners. Pack of 5 bags. For vacuum cleaners: PRASP10L

7,16 € VAT included
5,87 € Without VAT