5pz. Filter Paper Bag for Aspirator PRASP10L Ribimex


Paper bag filter, for Ribimex vacuum cleaners. Pack of 5 bags. For vacuum cleaners: PRASP10L

5,48 € VAT included
4,49 € Without VAT

HEPA Replacement Filter for Ribimex PRCEN011 / HE Ashtray


HEPA replacement filter for Ribimex ashtray. Only suitable for MINICEN model it is washable and interchangeable.

7,11 € VAT included
5,83 € Without VAT

Standard Replacement Filter for Cenerix and Daylight Ashtray

Standard replacement filter for Cenerix and Daylight 18Lt ashtray.

7,91 € VAT included
6,48 € Without VAT

Electric Battleship Leversleeves BS201 Singer

It quickly and easily removes fleas and lilies (which are produced on the surface of wool and cotton fabrics) by revitalizing them and making them as new. You can use it anywhere, at home and on the go!

9,08 € VAT included
7,44 € Without VAT

Plastic hose for aspirator mt.3 1350099 Valex


Plastic flexible hose for Valex aspirators. Length: 3 meters For Vacuum Cleaners: APL 1220/1230 / 1230WORK

20,92 € VAT included
17,15 € Without VAT

5pz. Filter Paper Bag for Vacuum Cleaner 1350097 Valex


Paper bag filter, for Valex aspirators. Pack of 5 bags. For vacuum cleaners: APL 1220/1230 / 1230WORK

9,47 € VAT included
7,76 € Without VAT

Vacuum Fabric Filter Filter for Vacuum Cleaner 1350096 Valex


Washable fabric filter, for Valex aspirators. For Vacuum Cleaners: APL 1220/1230 / 1230WORK / 1423/1424/1433 / 1433WORK / 1434 / 1434WORK

6,71 € VAT included
5,50 € Without VAT

Powder and Liquid Vacuum Cleaners 1200W APL1230 1350093 Valex


Vacuum cleaner with 4 pivoting wheels. Power: 1200 W Accessory accessories diameter 31mm. Housing on machine body. Blowing function.

65,70 € VAT included
53,85 € Without VAT

Filter for Vacuum Maker 447L Makita P-70225


Spare filter for 447L Makita aspirator.

51,37 € VAT included
42,11 € Without VAT

447L Maikita P70306 Vacuum Cleaner Bag


447L Maikita P70306 Vacuum Cleaner Bag

32,23 € VAT included
26,42 € Without VAT