Washable Nylon Net Cartridge 9 "3/4

Filter material: nylon mesh Max operating pressure: 6 bar Micron: 80 Height: 9 "3/4

8,54 € VAT included
7,00 € Without VAT

Cartridge filter Wrapped Wire

Available in 2 sizes. with mechanical action cartridge, for removal of unwanted sediments within the water. Presents a higher level of filtering of 15-20% compared to the average of the cartridges on the market. This result is due to the thread used which is continuous, not broken, this guarantees a uniform texture, with weft of the same size holes. Resists temperature up to 90 ° C. wire material and the central core: 100% Polypropylene food.

4,51 € VAT included
3,70 € Without VAT

Filtro Acqua Anti-UV 3/4" Ribimex Art.PRFIL9SV3UV


UV filter to be mounted on water supply. 3 pieces filter head with ABS and SAN casing. fitting connections 3/4 '' (20 x 27). Height 9 '' 3/4.

14,24 € VAT included
11,67 € Without VAT

Water Filter 3/4 "Ribimex Art.PRFIL9SV2


Filter to be mounted on water supply. Filter 2 pieces with the head and casing in ABS SAN. fitting connections 3/4 '' (20 x 27). Height 9 '' 3/4.

9,86 € VAT included
8,08 € Without VAT

Total Hardness Test Kit Water Facot

Facot Chemicals

Commercial kits for the water complexometric titration: determines in French degrees (° f) the total hardness that is, the amount of salts of calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water. Kit consisting of: 2 reaction cuvettes, 1 bottle of reagent (10ml), 1 syringe for insertion of the liquid. Cod. 55505

13,46 € VAT included
11,03 € Without VAT

Cartridge Carbon Active CCA Ribimex


Anti-mud filter cartridge washable active carbon
filtration plastics (50 microns).

9,47 € VAT included
7,76 € Without VAT

CSP polyphosphates cartridge Anticalcare Ribimex


anti-scale filter cartridge polyphosphate salts to protect appliances

12,51 € VAT included
10,25 € Without VAT

6 Refills Upgrade polyphosphates for water softener dispenser

Box of 6 refills for universal polyphosphate dispenser.

With regular use of polyphosphate can prevent the formation of stalactites that determine the obstruction of the pipes and the limited duration of coils and heat exchangers.

7,26 € VAT included
5,95 € Without VAT

Polyphosphates Idroplus salts 1 kg Descaler for Dispensers Softeners


Format: Tin 1kg With regular use of polyphosphates IDROPLUS water softener, you can prevent the formation of stalactites that determine the obstruction of the pipes and the limited duration of coils and heat exchangers. Product compatible with all dosing units / water softeners existing in commerce. Meets EEC for food use drinking water civilians.

7,32 € VAT included
6,00 € Without VAT

Sale IDROSAL per Addolcitori 25 kg

Quantity: 25 kg bag

The salt tablets for water softeners Idrosal was achieved after careful research and technical centers. The quality of the raw material used, hyperpure recrystallized salt (Nacl> 99.99%), the cylindrical shape of the pad slightly domed top and the ratio between diameter and height were specifically designed to prevent the adhesion between the individual pads and obtain the maximum performance.

5,90 € VAT included
4,84 € Without VAT