ZEFIRO Papillon 1 Liter Vaporizer Nebulizer


Capacity: 1 Liter Garden sprayer Mod. ZEFIRO Papillon

2,55 € VAT included
2,09 € Without VAT

Shoulder Pump Electric Backpack Battery LITHIUM 8 Di Martino Art.7110

Di Martino

Max capacity: 8 Liters Ideal product to perform treatments on plants, vegetables, floriculture, weeding, disinfestations (for example for spraying treatments against the tiger mosquito), sanitizing. Powered by 12V 4.0 Ah lithium battery (included) Net capacity of the liquid tank: 8 liters Specific battery charger included Operating pressure: from 2.8 to 3.8 bar depending on the output nozzle adjustment Comfortable, water-repellent and quick-release shoulder straps Weight no load: 3.1 Kg 120 cm wired hose resistant to heat and frost Lance with adjustable nozzle: from straight jet to pink spraying with 60 degrees of width. 9 meters of maximum range horizontally and 4.5 meters vertically with "straight jet" nozzle adjustment. Supplied launches spraying with adjustable jet, telescopic extensible from 40cm to 65cm Autonomy: starting the work with a fully charged battery you can spray from 70 to 200 liters of liquid (variable range as it is influenced by the regulation of the outlet nozzle) Time for a full battery charge: about 4 hours

66,61 € VAT included
54,60 € Without VAT

Electric Electra 7 Di Martino Battery Pump

Di Martino

Max capacity: 7.95 Liters Electra 7 is the electric pump that works with normal AA battery (rechargeable or AA) stylus batteries or AA rechargeable stylus with supplied charger. Suitable for care of the green, it ensures durability and reliability thanks to the engine unit separated from the liquid. Electra 7 pumps are certified CE. The greater the liquid in the bottle, the lower the wait time to put the pump under pressure.

75,42 € VAT included
61,82 € Without VAT

Volputch 10 Volts Volt Volts VT10T Pump (NO LIGHTS)


Capacity: 10 Liters The Volpitech 10 pressure pump is equipped with a 10 liter container and FPM seals instead of the normal rubber gaskets for spraying aggressive chemical products suitable for disinfection. Volpitech 10 is the recommended pump for disinfection, cleaning and industrial applications. It can be carried by the shoulder strap or by the handle. It is equipped with 120 cm PVC flexible hose and propelled with polypropylene adjustable sprayer and pressure relief valve adjusted to 3 bar. Cod. VT10T

38,95 € VAT included
31,93 € Without VAT

Sprinkler Watering Can Nebulizer 1 Liter Ribimex PRPA013G


Capacity: 1 Liter All the advantages of a vaporizer and watering can together in the same product. Polyethylene body. Head and trigger in polypropylene. 3 assorted translucent colors: green, purple and blue.

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2,09 € Without VAT

Vaporizer Quadro 1000 Di Martino

Di Martino

Capacity: 1000 ml vaporizer suitable for vaporizing chemicals used to clean, impregnate and lubricate.

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1,49 € Without VAT

Nebulizer pump "Bora" 2 Liters Papillon 089,765


For industrial use. Capacity: 2 liter pressure pump "BORA" with special Viton seals, suitable for aggressive liquids. anatomic handle, adjustable jet thermoplastic material tank, UV-resistant

10,33 € VAT included
8,47 € Without VAT

Pump Backpack Electric ElettroEASY with Rechargeable Battery Volpi 14MBR


Capacity: 15 Liters New born at home Volpi Original: the pump electric ElettroEASY backpack equipped with 12-volt rechargeable battery with the supplied battery charger, capable of ensuring the working range of about 150 liters after 8/10 hours of power. The maximum flow rate with the sprayer cone is of 0.7 liters / min, with the sprayer in a fan (to 1 / 1.5 bar) is 0.8 liters / min. Cod. 14MBR

169,13 € VAT included
138,63 € Without VAT

Pump Pressure Goddess 2000 2 Liters Volpi 3346


Capacity: 2 Litres The DEA 2000 is the pressure pump that easily lends itself to the activity of gardening and the care of plants. Thanks to its special nozzle in an adjustable and orientable brass in the various positions, allows to spray, with a perfect fogging and without dripping, the specific products for the care of plants. Cod. 3346

8,75 € VAT included
7,17 € Without VAT

Pump pressure 7 Lady Di Martino

Di Martino

Capacity: 7 Liters The pressure pump line storage with excellent technical characteristics. The different capacities and the wide range of accessories make them ideal for multiple uses: they are essential in the care of gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards and greenhouses.

32,27 € VAT included
26,45 € Without VAT