Cable Stripper Universal Knife for Cables Art.7889072184 Granit


Universal knife for cables. Technical data: up to Ø 28 mm cable Length (mm): 175 Art.7889072184

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15,57 € Without VAT

Tool Wire strippers Weicon 50050055328 Granit


The new generation of wire stripper constructed in plastic material reinforced with glass fiber. Nel'utilizzo safe and compact form. Stripping precise, fast and secure all conventional round cables with diameters from 4 to 28 mm. No damage to the cable conductors through continuous adjustment of the cutting depth. The cutting blade is movable in the grip and allows the change from round cut longitudinally. The tool offers security with knife Retractable hook which can be locked in 2 positions.

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Pinza Spelafili 160mm 0-89-873 Stanley


Stripper chromed steel hot forged, with soft grip bi-material non-slip. Tips hot forged and finished by hand, for a cut of high quality and precision. Perfect alignment of jaws - soft cut. Slim and precision finishing. Length: 160mm Cod. 0-89-873

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Pliers Wire strippers with Sharp 1149F Beta


Wire strippers Self-front, with the cutting device.
Capacity: 0.2 to 6 mm
Art. 1149F

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Pliers Wire strippers with adjustment PTS4

Professional adjustable pliers for 'engraving of' insulation of electrical cables from 0.2 to 6 mm² of section for outer sheaths of cables unipolar or multipolar, it is possible to vary the pressure of the blades, using the control knob. It is not recommended to use for live working
Cod. PTS4

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