Mantova Forged Hoe with Handle 14x14 cm Made in Italy

Mantova forged hoe with handle 14x14 cm Made in Italy

16,53 € VAT included
13,55 € Without VAT

Zappino with Paletta Mod.Appennino 100 mm Orsatti

Zappino with pallet mod. Apennines. A: 135 mm A1: 120 mm B: 100 mm B1: 45 mm

7,27 € VAT included
5,96 € Without VAT

Mantua Hoe 16 cm gr.700 Orsatti

Angelo B.

Zappa mantovana from gr.700 Measure: 16 cm Eye size: 45x35 mm

11,19 € VAT included
9,17 € Without VAT

Pickaxe Wooden Handle Glossy Blade 1.5C / M 21.02.11 Angelo B

Pickaxe with wooden handle and glossy blade 1500 gr.

12,82 € VAT included
10,51 € Without VAT

Spade Square Forged with Beech Handle 140cm Line GABBIANO Agef


Spade forged with square tip and beech handle. Blade size: 27 cm Handle length: 140 cm - Ø 39 mm Measurements: 22.5x27x165 cm Weight: 2.30 Kg Art.573F / 7A1S271G

19,30 € VAT included
15,82 € Without VAT

Mini Sarchietto Multi-star® LF-M Wolf Garten

Wolf Garten

Working width: 6.5 cm. To move and weed in beds and pots for optimal plant growth

8,30 € VAT included
6,80 € Without VAT

Zappa Mantovana 16x16 cm gr. 600 with Angle Handle B.

Angelo B.

Runner-up knit gr.600 with wooden handle. Size: 16x16 cm

14,59 € VAT included
11,96 € Without VAT

Zappino Quadro with Corna Manicata Angelo B.

Angelo B.

Zappino quadro with horn, fitted with wooden handle.

10,81 € VAT included
8,86 € Without VAT

Zappetta Bologna gr.500 with Angelo B. Handle

Zappetta Bologna gr.500 with Handle

12,94 € VAT included
10,61 € Without VAT

Blue Tempered Steel Badger with Handle 22.01.11

Angelo B.

Tempered blue tempered steel bar with wooden handle.

8,41 € VAT included
6,89 € Without VAT